Is it possible...

  Ian in Northampton 09:58 02 Jan 2011

... for files/folders to self-destruct? I downloaded a couple of albums from Amazon - and now I can't find them, despite an exhaustive search using both Windows Search and Google Desktop. I know they were there, because I played tracks from them. Could they have had some kind of time-expiration?

  northumbria61 10:11 02 Jan 2011

Ian - are you sure they are not in your iTunes folder? You make your purchase from Amazon, and the files are downloaded and automatically appear in your iTunes library.

  Ian in Northampton 10:16 02 Jan 2011

Northumbria, thanks. I don't have an iTunes folder... Apple products are works of the very devil himself... ;-)

  northumbria61 10:34 02 Jan 2011

"Could they have had some kind of time-expiration?"

I wouldn't have thought so Ian if you "purchased" them. Never known any to "self-destruct" - have you checked the "recycle bin"? I don't know if a "system restore" would help in this case but may be worth a try.

  bremner 11:20 02 Jan 2011

System restore does not recover files so forget that.

Files do not self destruct.

Assuming you have used the Amazon downloader have a look at its settings for recent downloads and where by default they are stored.

  lotvic 11:24 02 Jan 2011

If they are still in your browsers 'Downloads' history folder, you can rightclick and choose 'Open Containing Folder' to open the folder on pc where they are.
At least I can in Firefox > Tools > Downloads.

  bremner 11:32 02 Jan 2011

If you have installed the Amazon downloader click here

  Ian in Northampton 12:40 02 Jan 2011

Very many thanks guys. This is a real mystery. Unfortunately, since I downloaded the files, I've done a complete reinstall, so Chrome's download history is no help. But having written that, I've just had a horrible thought. I *never* put stuff on my C: drive - but I wonder if that's where the download went, and I forgot to transfer it across to one of my other drives? That's the only feasible explanation. I think I may have to get on to Amazon and see if they'll reactivate the link...

  bremner 12:44 02 Jan 2011

Did you install the Amazon downloader

  Ian in Northampton 12:45 02 Jan 2011

Yes, Bremner, I did - but that was before I reinstalled XP and wiped my C: drive...

  bremner 13:12 02 Jan 2011

In that case it automatically stores the downloads in the My Music folder which is on C.

You have deleted all these files by reinstalling the O/S.

You could try recuva to recover them click here

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