Is it possible to.....

  nd33cfc 13:21 23 Sep 2005

I play an online strategy wargame in which games can last as long as a month. My problem is this...

I work 12 hour shifts and find i am away from my PC for at least 18 hours on a working day. This is very much of a disadvantage to me as i find people regularly attack my online universe when i am offline.

At home i have a desktop PC running on Windows XP Pro. I am connected to the internet via a speedtouch ADSL modem and i am connected at 512kbps.

I would like to investigate the possability of purchasing a laptop computer and playing my game on this. That way i could play my game at work during the night shifts and hopefully level the playing field.

So my question is this...

Is it possible to connect to my existing broadband connection using a laptop when i am at work using a wireless connection ? My work is approximately 2 miles from my home.

Any advice or reccomendations would be greatly apreciated.

  Chegs ® 13:44 23 Sep 2005

My work is approximately 2 miles from my home+wireless connection = Not with present wireless technology.

  Qdiddy 13:53 23 Sep 2005

click here


click here

And if your successfully save your online universe can you have a go at ours as well? ;-)

  nd33cfc 18:39 23 Sep 2005

The Remote Desktop looks like a very good idea. But i am a little confused as to how the two computers actually comunicate with each other.

How exactly would my client computer at work actually comunicate with my desktop at home after i have installed Remote Desktop ?

  PUNKA 20:55 23 Sep 2005

Not Possible.Now get on with your work.

  Qdiddy 23:38 23 Sep 2005

I've not used remote desktop yet, but have used PC Anywhere a couple of years ago. It effectively gives you full control of a PC from a remote location. Back in the days of dial up, this connection was quite slow, but should be much improved with broadband. I would do a bit more research about security if I were you, but think this would work with a laptop using either a wireless hotspot, or a 3G card or similar.

  Stuartli 23:46 23 Sep 2005

VNC or Laplink will do the same.

  Chegs ® 00:16 24 Sep 2005

The chances are,the laptop's connection will be a dialup.Trying to run a remote PC via a dialup will be painfully slow,particularly for trying to run a game.The lag effects will mean your characters gonna get fragged long before you see it happen on the laptop.

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