Is it poss.2 run 2 cordless mice from one baseunit

  [email protected] 15:33 27 Nov 2005

I have finally bought a new keyboard and mouse as my last set were driving me mad due to my daughter working them to near death whilst playing computer games. Funnily enough the lack of "double click" on the mouse didn't affect her game playing, so I am wondering whether it is possible to run two mice off of one base station so she can continue to hammer the old one, and my husband and I can enjoy the luxury of a non played with, new one (same with the key board!)
If i reconnect each time I change the ouse it works with whichever has been connected , I just wondered whether or not it is possible

  [email protected] 15:34 27 Nov 2005

... to have both connected at the same time!
I just pressed a diff. button on the new one and my thread was sent unfinished- sorry :)
thanks in advance for any replies!

  ade.h 15:45 27 Nov 2005

Yes, it is. Two wireless mice might be a problem, but I have had two mice installed and working correctly on one PC. One was cabled, the other wireless. If they both need to be cordless, then all you can do is try it. The only possible issue is one of signal interference, but it may well be fine. There almost certainly won't be any device or driver conflicts.

  [email protected] 15:49 27 Nov 2005

Thanks, what i find is if i connect 1 the other stops "receiving". If i gave my daughter a child's corded mouse would i need a splitter of some sort?

  ade.h 16:00 27 Nov 2005

No, just plug it into another port. You might as well use PS2 for the wired mouse, unless you have a surfeit of USB ports going spare. No need for any kind of splitter. If your two wireless mice don't work together, then that's most likely to be a signal problem.

  ade.h 16:03 27 Nov 2005

BTW, if you're trying to use two wireless mice, are you using both receivers or trying to run them from the same one?

  Stuartli 16:15 27 Nov 2005

A keyboard and mouse cordless set with optical mouse can be bought these days from £15 to £20.

If you bought two sets of the same type and use just the one receiver, it would only be only a matter of seconds to "program" the keyboard and mouse to the receiver when you change over.

In fact if you get it right, you may not even have to reprogram the units each time you change over.

  [email protected] 09:38 28 Nov 2005

Both mice are the same, I am only currently using one base unit. Staurtli-how do I get it right to not even have to reprogram it?

  Chegs ®™ 09:49 28 Nov 2005

Easiest method is use a combination of PS/2 and USB mice.Using USB and PS/2 mice,I've had 4 different devices connected.

Only trouble was one of the mice was moving around with the vibrations thru the desk and kept "killing" me in a game. ;-)

  [email protected] 10:36 28 Nov 2005

Thaks Chegs I'll get her a USB 2 corded mouse- are they ok on hubs?

  Chegs ®™ 10:44 28 Nov 2005

Yeah,no problems here.I have a seperate powered hub and the motherboards 4 USB ports are described as a hub to.

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