guitar town 00:25 30 Jun 2003

Can you help me to use my conexant HCF RH56D/SP-PCI Modem(Chipset:R6795-11) for sending faxes while still using my BT DSL BROADBAND MODEM. i have read somewhere the filters in the line connection effect the HCF Modem? can i set the two to run together? and can i use DSL BROADBAND for faxing. so much pain!! your help is much appreciated. thanks!

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  Forum Editor 00:59 30 Jun 2003

via a broadband connection - it's a digital service, and a fax is an analogue transmission.

I have never managed to get an analogue modem to transmit a fax down an ADSL enabled line, although I have a conventional fax machine working on the same line with no trouble.

  -pops- 06:27 30 Jun 2003

My current setup has a Creative Modem Blaster 56K connected on the analogue side of my ADSL service. I use this for Fax transmission/reception. I use the Fax service included in WXP.

A previous setup had an Olitec modem set up in a similar way and this used the software and smartmemory card of the modem itself for Fax.

I have used these all the two years I've had broadband (BT line).

I don't know the technical differences between my modems and yours but, as far as I'm concerned, it can be done.


Yep -

I have a ASDL line and use the internal modem to send faxes with no problems.

  toothwright 07:01 30 Jun 2003

Agree with -pops- you should have no problems.

I've run ADSL (PCI modem or router)and a PCI analogue modem (for fax and direct banking) at the same time. In fact you can connect to the internet on both at the same time using different ISPs. Totally unnecessary but I just tried it to see if it could be done.


  graham√ 10:24 30 Jun 2003

As I've said before, you can send a fax by ADSL, but it's text only: click here

  -pops- 11:04 30 Jun 2003

I like my faxing to be a two way operation which seems a little difficult with the last suggestion.

Can you receive Faxes on this system graham√?


  graham√ 12:59 30 Jun 2003

No, you have to sign up and pay for that!

  guitar town 01:03 23 Jul 2003

thanks for your help, i've forgot to mention i will need to recieve faxs as well as send them, i would prefare to use microsoft 'word' as the send program as i did before i went ADSL! has anybody any solutions to this problem i would be eternally grateful.

  anchor 09:17 23 Jul 2003

I have ADSL for my internet connection, and use Winfax to send and receive faxes via my ordinary 56k PCI modem.

The ordinary modem is plugged into one side of a dual adaptor on the phone outlet of the micro-filter. The phone being in the other side.

I can surf the web, and send/receive faxes simultaneously.

  graham√ 09:31 23 Jul 2003

Reading your last post, is it possible your PC is still set up to use Word to send emails? And your 56k modem, too? Re-connect the 56k modem to a phone socket, via a filter, and give it a go!

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