It Is Now Safe To Turn Off Your Computer...

  LogIK 15:47 01 Oct 2005

Yes, I've got that annoying bug in XP, where it tells you it is safe to turn off your computer, and won't cut the power for you, after shutting down.

I've done a lot of reading up on this to find there are many solutions to fixing it, none of which have worked for me.

The problem has occured since re-installing windows. All I have changed is I've installed two new Hard Drives, running a RAID mirroring configuration and installed a fresh copy of XP on them. I'm also now running dual monitors. Nothing else has changed at all since my last install of XP - Hardware or Software.

I've tried changing the PSU, resetting the BIOS and ensuring all the ACPI settings are correct and I've also installed NT APM Legacy support, which was one of Microsoft's suggestions to reslove this issue, but for a non-ACPI complient P.C. After installing this, the APM option appeared in the Power Options and the box is checked, but still it won't power off after shutdown. I also still cannot use other APM functions, such as hybernate and standby.

My P.C is definately ACPI compliant, since like I said, it worked perfectly on my previous install of Windows.

I believe it may have something to do with the HAL driver. At the moment, it's using the "MPS Uniprocessor PC" driver, but I believe for APM to function correctly, you need the ACPI Complient "Advanced Configuration and Power Interface" driver. Microsoft suggest changing this driver over to the ACPI driver only if the P.C is definately ACPI complient (which mine is), but then they contradict themselves in a similar article on their knowledge base, stating that this should not be done, as you can render your P.C unbootable. Therefore, I'm a little nervous to change this.

Does anybody please have any suggestions to that I can get APM functioning correctly and get the P.C to powerdown after shutdown?

Thanks in advance.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:53 01 Oct 2005

Shutdown problems
click here
click here
click here

  LogIK 16:17 01 Oct 2005

Hey, thanks for the links. Unfortunately, these are the very sites that I have already been using and tried their suggestions to resolving this particular shutdown issue.

However, the only one I didn't try was updating the HAL driver, since it was described as "not recommended" by Microsoft.

Has anybody had experience with changing the HAL driver to an ACPI one?

  Stuartli 19:17 01 Oct 2005

I get the same reaction from my XP Pro system but find that holding the power button in for about five seconds after shutting down ensures a troublefree close down.

If I just push the button it fires up again....:-)

  GaT7 20:00 01 Oct 2005

Have you tried these? click here & click here. G

  zincy 21:46 01 Oct 2005

i too have had this problem, but only when my external hard drive is stil plugged in my computer during shut down

  LogIK 19:58 02 Oct 2005

As I've said, yes I have tried Microsoft's suggestions, except for the changing of the Hardware Abstraction Layer. I'm a little nervous of doing this though, as they later suggest that it's potentially dangerous.

Anyone has to change the HAL driver, or know of how to do it safely?

  wobblymike 20:36 02 Oct 2005

Just in case you have not checked this:
It may well be that you need to enable auto shut down Go into control panel - Admin tools - computer management and click device manager - select view and then select view hidden devices lokk for APM power open it up and then double click the apm device revealed - enable it for use and your problem may be cured.

  LogIK 22:30 02 Oct 2005

Under what tree is the APM power device you describe?

  woodchip 22:33 02 Oct 2005

It's not a Program driver is it? that cannot shut down

  dan11 22:52 02 Oct 2005

try device manager > veiw > show hidden devices for wobblymike's tip. Think it's that one.;-) click here

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