is it my psu

  meek 18:09 18 Dec 2006

hi i recently bought an geforce installed fine, when i put my computer into standby it boots up fine when i restart but if i turn off my computer and then try to put it back on the moniter says "no signal going to sleep" .is it because im using an adapter as the card came with two dvi slots and my moniter dosnt have any.iv also noticed that the box the graphics card came in says my psu should be 500w and it is currently only this the problem
any help would be great

  Totally-braindead 18:19 18 Dec 2006

Its not the adaptor, I use one. If the card needs a 500w supply and you have only a 350w one then its probably what is wrong. You can get a good quality branded one for about £50.
Before you do this though check your power settings in control panel because they can do this sort of thing.
A new branded power supply would be a good idea anyway so even if thats not the problem its not a waste.

  skidzy 18:26 18 Dec 2006

Ive recently fitted this psu into one of my systems and to date all seems well.Though i do not have demanding graphics cards here

  Mr Beeline 21:27 18 Dec 2006

As pointed out, 350w is probably a bit on the weak side for this card. Though depends a lot on the make/model of the PSU, as some good quality branded PSU's can have a very strong +12v rail, this being the one that the graphics card uses (along with the Hard Drive/s etc.)

  meek 10:33 19 Dec 2006

thanks for the help,but what do you mean by strong +12v rail

  [email protected] 13:13 19 Dec 2006

i just bought a nvidia graphics card with a 300 watt psu, had similar problems, i wasted my money on a cheap noisy psu (now in the bin) and bought click here which is virtually silent and i would highly recommend, cheers adam

  [email protected] 13:29 19 Dec 2006

i also use the dvi adapter btw

  meek 13:56 19 Dec 2006

im using an apg card does that make a difference what psu to get.
my system is a fujitsu siemens scaleo 600
p4 2.6
1gb ram
80gb hard drive
dvd rom
dvd rw+-
motherboard is a gigabyte GA-8ISXT-FS
the last thing i want to do is fry my machine. many thanks

  [email protected] 16:20 19 Dec 2006

well mine's pci express, but both psu's i've bought would cater for either, and the pc will only draw the power it needs, but its always good to have plenty in reserve, if you fit a new psu, check voltage is set to 240 volt not 110, check, check and double check you have plugged everything in you removed, slap the side back on and away you go should take about 10 mins max

  Mr Beeline 16:47 19 Dec 2006


PSU's put out different voltages. If you open your PC case and look at he side of your PSU, you should see some writing on it that gives the amperage on the different rails. On the +12v rail you want in the region of 20A, or more. If it says something like 16/17A then that's not really enough. As previous folks have pointed out, a new decent branded PSU is only around £50 and is a fairly easy thing to fit (here's a half decent write up for fitting a new power supply).

PS. As long as your case is a standard ATX one, then pretty any PSU should fit (DELL PC's can sometimes be the odd one out).

  Mr Beeline 16:49 19 Dec 2006

Here's a guide to fitting a Power Supply.

click here

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