It means a lot to me...

  Chris the Ancient 08:33 10 Feb 2004

... but probrblay not quite as much to you.

Popped in for my usual quick look before work and realised that I have now logged into this site just over 1,000 times.

I may not be the most frequent or most regular visitor, but the help that I have had from members has been significant. It wouldn't be totally correct to pick on names. But...




are way up in my top ten of people who have done so much.

My heartfelt thanks to all of you - including the names I've missed.

See you tonight? (in here)


  Indigo 1 12:26 10 Feb 2004

Phew !

You should be pretty clued up by now !

  roygbiv 12:48 10 Feb 2004

i just noticed my login is/has reached 500 (wahey).

  hinchie Y2K III 13:02 10 Feb 2004

is that hence the name ancient Chris????

  Gongoozler 13:08 10 Feb 2004

1,552 logins. But that just means I have more time to waste!

  Djohn 13:14 10 Feb 2004

Well done Chris the Ancient. I've logged into the forum 3,941, But it doesn't really represent how much time I spend here. I log on just the once each day and stay logged in all day, unless I do a re-boot for loading of a program or other reason. J.

  cream. 14:04 10 Feb 2004

Here's to your next 1000. lol

  Stormpool 14:29 10 Feb 2004

Logged in: 77 times

I'm feel so insignificant :o(

  MidgetMan 15:45 10 Feb 2004

1171 times (under this user name), seems like home sometimes!

  Chris the Ancient 19:52 10 Feb 2004

... to have this place to visit.

Never mind the width of the visits - just feel the width!

Indigo 1... I should be clued up - in theory. But in practice?

hinchie Y2K III... If you visit the rogues gallery at click here (spikeychris's offering) you can see why I'm ancient in name.

To all others browsing - keep it up, people like all of us keep the site alive.


  VoG II 21:10 10 Feb 2004


Thanks for the compliment and congratulations on reaching 1000+.

Now, what do you think about click here ?

I know that you are an advanced VBA coder and would appreciate your opinion very much.

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