Is it me or Tiscali?

  Mike_R 22:25 07 Apr 2009

I've been struggling for days to get a decent BB connection to Tiscali. I keep on getting Error 718 or 721. When I get a line the mail host cannot be found and Firefox comes up with a message "Address not found", or I end up in a BT Wholesale screen saying that the ISP service is down. I've rooted around my Vista settings, and to my untrained eye all seems as it should.
Also, when I get a line it drops out. Then I can't get back.
If it is Tiscali, I think that I should start to look elsewhere. I went to them because of the competitive price and free phone calls to the USA and Australia.
I eagerly await replies, but probably will not be able to get to them!

  woodchip 22:27 07 Apr 2009

you need talktalk

  Sea Urchin 22:32 07 Apr 2009

This is the official version at the moment

click here

  Sea Urchin 22:33 07 Apr 2009

I'd agree with woodchip

  Mike_R 23:11 07 Apr 2009

Thanks for the "click here". I read that Tiscali is saying that a contractor on a London Olympic site has gone through a main cable and shafted Tiscali nationwide. I can't leave Tiscali for a month or two yet, and I'm not enamoured with Onetel bought out by Carphone Warehouse as they put debt collectors onto me when, in fact, they owed me money. After some correspondence, I ignored them and eventualy all went quiet.

  MAJ 23:40 07 Apr 2009

Thankfully, today I finally got my mother to dump Tiscali. Their service has been useless for so long, it finally came to a head [for her] over the weekend, no service except for about a half an hour yesterday when it finally connected for me. I took the opportunity to check the speed, 750 Kb/s on an 8 meg connection, unbelievable. Anyhoo, I phoned them for a MAC this morning, 23 minutes later I received it via email (I timed it) and 15 minutes after that O2 sent mother a welcome email to my address. She goes live on the 17th April with a PROPER up to 8 meg connection for £7.34/month, less than half the price of Tiscali's crap service. Success at last.

  Stuartli 00:28 08 Apr 2009

My TalkTalk AnyTime International package provides "up to 8Mb" broadband (averaging just over 7Mb at present), free AnyTime UK calls and free AnyTime International calls to 36 different countries, including the main ones, for £9.99 a month.

Add the line rental of £10.50 per month (part of the package) and you'll see that for £20.49 monthly I get a superb deal.

Incidentally my latest TT bill's details have just been e-mailed - the total is £10.36 because TT has refunded the drop in VAT from 17.5 to 15 per cent over recent months.

  Mike_R 13:51 08 Apr 2009

As far as I can make out, free international calls have been withdrawn from new TT packages. They are only listed under legacy packages.
BTW, it took me some hours to get logged in today.

  Sea Urchin 14:00 08 Apr 2009

Quite a few changes to come in TalkTalk's tariffs

click here

  Mike_R 14:45 08 Apr 2009

Thanks. I shall give TT a miss as I, and my wife, spend quite a time on the phone to USA.
I'm still paying around £30 for the Tiscali package which I've just noticed has reduced to £19.99. Why didn't they tell me? Just like the banks/BS with poor interest rates on old investments.
The problem is that the Tiscali package seems the best for me, but the current service is very poor.

  Stuartli 15:07 08 Apr 2009

>>I shall give TT a miss as I, and my wife, spend quite a time on the phone to USA.>>

Calls to the States are free on existing TT broadband and phone packages and those taken out before June 2nd..:-)


click here

for the 36 countries which are free on the free international calls tariff and:

click here

for updated packages pricing.

Sea Urchin

These increased charges (apart perhaps from the line rental) do not apply to broadband/phone packages such as the one I've enjoyed for the past three years.

The only extra charges I occasionally pay are for 0870 and other non-geographical numbers.

However, from June 2nd, the free international calls element will be removed from Essentials packages taken out after that time and the international charges shown will be required; previous broadband/phone packages are unaffected, although you will have to redial every 60 rather than 70 minutes as previously.

Incidentally my TT bill this month is for just £10.36 rather than £20.49, as the reduction in VAT last year from 17.5 to 15 per cent has been refunded.

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