Is it Me or me that the problem?

  PaulB2005 18:45 26 Oct 2005

Why must i suffer endless stupid problems when working on PCs running Windows Me?

Another one today. Multiple spyware / virus infections. Clean up, install AV, update AV online and scan. Finally all clean.

Trying to run Windows Update but Me insists that the Pc is "...not connected to the internet. Would you like to connect it now?" Even though the AV updated ok. Settings are fine.

IE keeps hanging [not responding] and doesn't even open until halfway through shut down (IF i can get it to shut down that is). The PC even crashed during shut down which allowed me to finally open IE and connect to the internet and download a few updates. Needless to say now we have rebooted the PC is no longer "..connected to the internet etc". PC locks up at random.

I never get this sort of stupid, rediculous situation with 98, 2000 or XP but Me is consistantly problematic.

Or is it just me?

  961 18:50 26 Oct 2005

Well I've run Me on a number of systems and not had this sort of trouble

I'd be interested to know what system you are running and what firewall/virus checker you have

  pipedream 19:01 26 Oct 2005

ME does have a reputation for being the flakiest OS Microsoft ever developed - they added some bits to make 98 look like 2000, but screwed it up at the same time. I've hardly ever been able to get System Restore to work on any ME system, whilst on XP it works nearly every time.

  PaulB2005 19:02 26 Oct 2005

I don't run Me.

It's other peoples PC that do.

A PC can come in riddled with viruses or problems and if it's XP or 98 then i know it'll be easy (ish) to deal with.

If it's Me i know a rocky time is ahead and it never fails to disappoint. The problem is it's not the actual problem that causes the problem but the OS messing about. Just had a screen pop up to tell me a driver i installed 3 hours ago and several reboots ago has been successfully installed.

Except i un-installed it an hour ago.......

  PaulB2005 19:04 26 Oct 2005

On this System - System Restore is disabled but the restore folder is filling up with the stuff i'm deleting. I know this because the AV is now detecting the virus remanants in the system restore folder. Except i can;t use SR because Me says it;s off and the Disable System Restore box is ticked. Attempts to untick this box are foiled the moement you r reboot the PC.

Assuming it doesn't crash whilst rebooting....

  961 19:08 26 Oct 2005

OK, It's someone elses pc

I can only say I've found Me to work well, but then I don't reckon to have a system riddled with viruses or problems

If they go trawling around the net without proper virus protection and firewall then problems arise. I accept that Me is not in the same league as XP but it does work

  woodchip 19:08 26 Oct 2005

If you can get a Win98se disc put that on. Forget ME

  PaulB2005 19:24 26 Oct 2005

"I can only say I've found Me to work well, but then I don't reckon to have a system riddled with viruses or problems "

But as i say. Problems with 98 and XP are easy to sort. It's the random rubbish in Me that gets me. Like just now - un-installed a piece of software, rebooted and it's still installed...... 19:39 26 Oct 2005

ME was the byproduct from Microsofts obsession with having seperate commercial and home products. After developing 2k (in my opinion quite a solid OS) they realised they had no home product and knocked out ME (refered to in the industry as "Monkey Edition") in about 3 weeks by putting a nicer front end and Win98SE. They also scaled it down slightly but instead of being streamlined they were left with an unstable OS. My advice is to upgrade. After 5yrs of patching XP with SP2 is running quite nicely. Also Vista will be out next year however from all reports your PC will need to be the dogs dangley's to run it. 19:42 26 Oct 2005

And that'll probably take a bit of patching before it runs smoothly too. I dual boot Linux and WinXP - XP purely for gaming and Linux for everything else. There's a big wide world beyond Microsoft if people are only willing to experiment.

  PaulB2005 09:10 27 Oct 2005

Hmmmmm ropey USB 2 driver from Belkin was causing one of the problems. Updated driver from their website has fixed the iffy card....

Still i think i get a disporoptionate number of "silly" problems with Me compared to 98 and XP.

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