Is it legal?

  Ticketyboo 07:54 31 Oct 2004

I've just been looking on ebay, nero 6 £3.49!
Is it legal?
Thanks. T.

  Diodorus Siculus 07:55 31 Oct 2004

Is it an OEM copy or what? With such things it is hard to define the legality - often it is a grey area, at best.

  Ticketyboo 08:05 31 Oct 2004

It says that it comes with a bit of hardware that has no value!

  Diodorus Siculus 08:11 31 Oct 2004

Even greyer... sorry, I can't be more definitive.

  Andsome 08:13 31 Oct 2004

Why take a chance?

  Ticketyboo 08:16 31 Oct 2004

Very true! Many thanks.

  mrdsgs 10:12 31 Oct 2004

Almost certainly the seller will have received Nero 6 bundled witha new pc.

I recently bought 5 laptops for work, each one came with the same bundled software, Microsoft Works, Word, Nero 6,. etc.

I have no desire to sell my discs, but I have no need for 5 identical copies (there was no serial number required for Nero 6)but I believe for legality it is one disc/one licence per machine.

I will simply store them away with multiple xp discs, office discs and so on.

As with everything on ebay "caviat emptor"


  Diodorus Siculus 11:48 31 Oct 2004

mrdsgs - I am never sure of Nero - sometimes it is locked to the drive it came with, other times not...

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