Is it easy for someone to take your domain

  hooly 08:45 24 Mar 2004

Ive bought a few names and when i tried host plus to see if it had gone (ie ive got it)it it said yes.

But if iam acting for the owner press to transfer and fill in details i never did but if someone did is it that easy to take my domain.

I dont want to host yet, but i think there will be a demand soon for similer names and i dont need the hassle of someone trying to take them.

or mabye worring to much, just hear of too many criminals on here


  Sir Radfordin 09:18 24 Mar 2004

If you request a transfer of a domain you have to proove that you are the legal registrant of it and Nominet (click here) will check and carry out that process. Things have been tightened up a lot after a few people did pretty much what you are suggesting.

I've been trying to transfer a domain for someone for nearly 6 months now - Nominet keep asking for more information! I'd say if anyone does want to 'take' any of your domains they will have a hard job of doing so.

  AcidBurn7uk 11:55 24 Mar 2004

I find that free domain name (like .TK) are a pain because if your site has no traffic for the specified amoun of time then it becomes free again, and somebody can take it :(

  joelmb 13:44 24 Mar 2004

Erm don't quite know if this is what you mean, but when you click to transfer a domain, the domain's owner then receives a form from the registrar eg tucows etc for them to confirm that the domain is to be transferred. Without the registered owner acting on this email nothing will happen. So no, practically it can't be taken.

Additionally, maybe you mean his?.... Hosting using a domain name when you set the hosting account up is entirely different to registering that domain. I.e someone else could feasibly setup a hosting account using your domain name but as the dns (domain name system) servers for the domain aren't pointing to their hosting no-one would see their host anyway, so again there's no problem.

Once you register a domain, its virtually impossible (although i'm sure someone so criminally inclined with the right connections in a registrar and a host could do it) to have it stolen from you by any crtiminally orientated types.

  hooly 14:11 24 Mar 2004

I never knew they sent a form as it said if your acting on behalf of the owner. And i could have been anyone.

Think i will ok then.

  Forum Editor 22:53 24 Mar 2004

that has the domain on its name servers will require a signed letterhead from the owner of the domain before it can be retagged to a different name server. It's not impossible to spoof such a transfer request, and it has been done on many occasions. Having the domain on your name server isn't the same as owning it however, although it would allow you to publish a web site on the domain name.

If that was to happen the domian registrar concerned would, on receipt of proof of ownership restore the name to its rightful owner - with or without the cooperation of the owner of the name server on which it resided. In practice it's very unlikely to happen to you. I have purchased hundreds of names for clients over the years, and a good many for myself, and I have not once had a name wrongfully appropriated by someone else.

  joelmb 00:09 25 Mar 2004

Yes me likewise, having been a tucows opensrs reseller it never happened.

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