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  Asaqueens 11:55 23 Oct 2009

Hi there, I am new to the forum and have been looking for a way into the IT sector however, I have not got a clue how to go about it as i dont have any experience (not worked in this field at all)
I do know a fair bit and have always had an interest in computers since my early teens (i am 25 now)
I would say my interest lies on the hardware side alot more though as i have built and fixed many computers for my friends/family, although I am getting more interested in the software side of things so I want to learn alot more.
The main question i wanted to ask was is there anyway i can gain experience with a company at all by volunteering or something?

By the way i live in kent so if anyone has any information i would really appreciate it very much, thank you.

Thanks again and i hope i posted this in the right section?? :)

  Clapton is God 13:01 23 Oct 2009

If you're hoping to get into IT, the first thing you may need to learn is how to use a Forum search function (top right of this page).

I just did and it came back with over 100 similar threads/questions as yours.

They may help.

  lotvic 15:42 23 Oct 2009

First port of call to enquire is your local college who will give you details of courses and qualifications.

Whatever you do STAY AWAY from 'Skills Train' many feel they have been ripped off by £thousands

Do a google search for
skills train complaints

Be very wary of similar companies.

It is safer and cheaper to enquire at your local college.

  Asaqueens 17:15 23 Oct 2009

Thanks for your replies :)

I have decided to try something I read about on a similar post. I shall call or visit my local pc shops/companies offering to put some hours in, in exchange for hands on experience.
I have also decided to get myself the official A+ certification guide and hopefully once i have gone through it enough i can perhaps one day attempt the exams.
The colleges dont seem to be offering much down my way :(

Thanks again and please continue to send any other ideas this way :)

  wee eddie 11:46 24 Oct 2009

Before you invite anyone into your Home, to sell you a Distance Learning Course, search and read the threads here.

Your local College is, probably, much the most "Cost Effective" Option.

Also ~ Be aware that the route that you are planning is neither a simple, nor a secure, lifestyle. A few survive but many fail along the way.

  lotvic 13:24 24 Oct 2009

pc advisor book store click here all the learning books you need

  sunnystaines 13:44 24 Oct 2009

if your are skilled in programming plenty of work.
but if its just hardware or admin of severs/users not much about in the good pay area.

  Pamy 15:21 24 Oct 2009

Asaqueens, Sorry to have to say this, but I think you are too old now.

"I have not got a clue how to go about it as i dont have any experience (not worked in this field at all"

  lotvic 19:12 24 Oct 2009

I disagree, I don't think age 25 is too old at all.

Given the choice in, say a High Street shop/repair service:
I would much prefer to be served or receive advice from a 25 year old apprentice/learner than from a teenage apprentice/learner, as I feel (rightly or wrongly) the 25 year old would be much more likely to seek advice from 'further up' when unable to answer any questions I had. (more mature outlook)

  Asaqueens 16:31 26 Oct 2009

I would first off like to thank you all for your help and warnings of dodgy companies.
Secondly i would like to add that i sort of had the idea that i would not have much of a chance getting into IT because as Pamy said 'i basically am too old now'
Maybe it's best left as a hobby i guess but even if i did get a badly paid job in a shop doing pc repairs, i'd be happy because i'd be working with what i love.

Again thanks for your help.

  wee eddie 11:20 27 Oct 2009

What a load of rubbish ~ You are not too old.

The guy that helps me ~ when I get out of my comfort zone ~ is in his early forties and has been Freelancing for about 10 years. He earns enough to support a large family, 5 children at the last count, in comfort.

I know nothing of his previous work history but I don't believe that he was a Computer Buff.

Remember that if you become "Self Employed" that you will 'never again' have a weekend off or be able to schedule holidays ~ because the Customer always comes first ~ In other-words ~ If you don't solve his problem, at a time that more or less suits him, someone else will and you've lost a regular customer. It's hard work, being Self Employed, but you receive all the benefits of your labours.

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