Is It bad memory, hard drive or conflict ?

  jospar 21:06 24 May 2003

Having trouble on a fiends computer, P2, 233Hz, slow i know.

But it been playing , on boot up, its ben checking memory, but has started to run thorugh this approx 3 imes before O.King it self, and then loading win98,

But i has started to crash on boot up, get he post boot checks doe and then stops, requesting operating system in,

Has anyone got any suggestion concerning why it keeps checking memory?

and why it as started crashing on boot?

Could this be just doen to memory, or is there something else happening, recently before all this happened I had put in a new 20Gb seagate hard drive in, could and if this has something to to with it, and how can I tell?

  Nellie2 21:46 24 May 2003

If you want to stop the memory check just press ESC. Have you booting into safe mode? From there you could run scan disk and system file checker. If it won't boot into safe mode then try running scan disk from the C: prompt

To boot into safe mode I have always pressed the Ctrl key as the PC is booting up before it gets to loading windows but others prefer to press F8. You will get a menu and you can choose which option you want by using the arrow keys

  DieSse 23:18 24 May 2003

"Has anyone got any suggestion concerning why it keeps checking memory?"

Because in the BIOS the option "Quick power on test" has been disabled. This makes the system run the memory check three times. It is not a fault.

If the system cannot find the operating system, then

1) there may be a CD or floppy in a drive, and the system is trying to boot of that first - in which case take tit out, or ch<nge the BIOS to boot from the Hard drive first


2) the hard drive is faulty, or has a virus or other problem that prevents the software from loading

or possibly

3) the BIOS is misconfigured, maybe due to a failing battery.

  DieSse 23:19 24 May 2003

whoops - sorry about the several typos!

  Rtus 23:41 24 May 2003

go to seagates web page (tech support)and download hard drive diagnostic program,it will tell you if its the hard drive at fault. Also as DieSse suggests check for virus infection too

  jospar 23:50 24 May 2003

I've had thought about the disk still in the drive, I do that trick almost constantly with the faithful floopy! So have already suggested this but haven't heard anything back yet!

But the battery and hard drive bit, sound promising, But I think I try the baterry bit first, but if that doesn't go, then I think I shall have a go at geting the hard drive replaced because its only a couple month old.

I shall pick up a new battery tomorrow just in case, I've got to go to PCworld, I've killed yet another mouse! its getting a real bad habbit, I'm suprised that the R.S.P.C.A haven't been knocking at my door!

I wonder would it be wiser to spend a little bit more and buy myself a optical mouse with no tracker ball? ooach!

  jospar 00:02 25 May 2003

just seen your suggestion, luckly have got the diagnostic disk for seagate, so will check as soon as I get my hands on the machine.

Been having problems with the Mouse, so getting anothing done is hard going tonight. draving me crazy!

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