Issues after a reformat!!plz help

  matthew-293741 06:06 07 Jul 2004

Morning all

My son in his wisdom (he's only 1!!) managed to break my PC last much so that i had to reformat the whole thing!!

Not a problem you might think...the trouble i know have is on start up...i get past the POST screen, then it all goes black for about a minute or so, then a loading bar comes up (all black background with a white loading bar at the bottom of the screen) this takes about five minutes, THEN it gets to my winxp home loading screen (green loading bar etc) and proceeds to load windows. Now during all this the HDD light is constantly on....i am running NTFS if thats any issue...and re-formatted to NTFS, i ran belarc to see iuf all was in place, ram seems he hasnt broken that!!...with regards to my processor (p4) it says that my L1 cache is 8KB and that my L2 cache is that the right way round?...bit of a novice over here!!...also...running more than one program seems to slow down my PC quite alot (which is why i thought my memory sticks had gone!!)...when i run task manager the onl;y process that seems to be using any significant ammount of processor capacity is Pc Idle...but thats how it should be i thought...anyhoo...any help you can give will be very much appreciated...if you need any more info please do not hesitate to ask!!

in advance...thanks

  Diodorus Siculus 07:59 07 Jul 2004

Do you have a restore CD or a full XP CD?

If the latter, it might be worthwhile booting with it and formatting / partitioning again and installing windows from scratch.

If the former, follow the instructions.

Either way, I think a reinstall will be the best option.

  matthew-293741 11:10 07 Jul 2004

after i formatted which wipes the HDD completely i reloaded WINXP Home from my original disc...then the problems started...thanks for trying...anyone else?

  norman47 11:25 07 Jul 2004

So lets run through the usual way to totally wipe the system and re-install with a full version of windows x\p.

Switch on the computer and enter the bios.

Change the first boot sequence to cdrom, insert the windows disk into the cdrom drive. Press F10 to save settings and exit.

The machine reboots and asks you to press a key to load windows.

It loads the main drivers and reboots.

It now looks at the hard disk for partitions and any operating systems. ( do you have any partitions or other operating systems on the computer)

It now gives you the option to load windows, usually, on the main "C" drive.

It now gives you the option to either full format NTFS ( maybe fat32 if you disk is under 40gig).

Or a quick format

Or it may give you the option to leave it as it is and install over the other O\S.

What did you pick?

After this things should be purely automatic.

Is this how you installed the fresh copy of x\p home?

  Cuddles 11:27 07 Jul 2004

Try reformatting again, this time go to your harddrives website and download the disc manager, then zero fill the hard drive, sometimes an ordinary format does not clear the drive completely.

  lamda 11:35 07 Jul 2004

add to my postings

  matthew-293741 11:47 07 Jul 2004

Heres what i did...i pressed F11 (boot from a cd-rom) might be f10...cant remeber...inserted my xp disc...chose that drive...pressed enter...then it went thru a basic load up screen then it gave me the full NTFS or the Quick option...i chose "Full"...then like you say i let it run its merry course......this is not the first time i had to reformat....the first time everything was you think i could of knackered me HDD?

  matthew-293741 11:49 07 Jul 2004

oh....yeah there was a partition...which i didnt realise i was 2/3 gig..the other 39 gig...if that you think its loading from the wrong partition?

  Cuddles 12:02 07 Jul 2004

Go to your harddrives website and download the disk manager and run diagnostics on your drive.

  matthew-293741 12:04 07 Jul 2004

i will do that when i get home.....does anyone think theres a chance that windows has loaded onto the smaller of the partitions?

  norman47 12:06 07 Jul 2004

First thing first. I think if you had any problems with the hard drive then windows would have told you on set up.

Can you remember just before you were asked to pick a full or quick format, the screen would have told you of all partitions on your hard drive.Can you remember how many were listed. This brings to;

Can we analyse the size of your hard drive.Now doubt you can boot in to windows now,albeit slowly. What listing do you have in disk management. i.e. right click my computer - pick manage. The scroll down to disk management and open. All of your hard drive stats will be listed in the right hand windows pane.

What does it say?

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