Issue when login to Windows live messenger!

  gazmix 15:16 22 Sep 2009

I've just had my pc formatted & XP installed & now when i login to Windows Live Messenger, i get this:-

Virus or unwanted program 'HTML/Infected.WebPage.Gen [virus]'
detected in file 'C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\1LLJHNB3\ADSAdClient31[2].htm.
Action performed: Move file to quarantine

or something similar like this-

Virus or unwanted program 'HTML/Crypted.Gen [virus]'
detected in file 'C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Local Settings\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\p3v895v7.default\Cache\F1E57B8Bd01.
Action performed: Move file to quarantine

What could it be & what can i do?


  gazmix 16:28 22 Sep 2009

I think its something to do with Microsoft as i googled it, & it doesn't let me see the '' news page that pops up alongside WLM.

  gazmix 20:05 22 Sep 2009

Ok, so before i got your reply marg7, i decided to do a system restore as the issue only started today!

It restored back & created more issues in that my Firewall wouldn't install on reboot & i got the 'firewall.exe' had frozen etc & do i want to send error to microsoft etc!

I said no, & my pc continued to make a noise, like when its trying to do somthing, light flickering etc!!
Something was stopping it installing, & after the restore, my Avir AV wouldn't open either,it was in 'add/remove'progs, but wouldn't work when i clicked on it!

I did a search & removed all Firewall files, did the CCleaner thing which found 500MB of stuff & my AV seems now ok & Firewall is back.

Can freeing up stuff & deleting all in Search>Files & Folders, dramatically make a difference when things don't work?.
Although still get the issue in Windows Live.

  julius44 20:52 22 Sep 2009

Hello gaxmix, i had a similar problems with messenger a few months ago for about 3 monts last year i was unable to log into windows live messenger, and it was so frustrating(i dont think your problems is as extreme as mine,) I tried loadz of suggestions from the PCA forum, and i even emailed microsoft, they tried to help, but to no avail, then one day i noticed that there was a copy of Registry Mechanic that came with an issue of pc advisor magazine,.....(theres also a copy with this months, i think)..i isntalled the cd, and it did something to the registry, and all of a sudden my windows live messenger was fine.........if u can find a copy just try it cos u have nothing to lose.

  gazmix 21:03 22 Sep 2009

I will try your advice now & re-login to Windows to see if the virus prompt is only when the 'Windows Live Today' window opens.
Marg, also, in options > sounds, the default test ones don't work & i don't get pop ups telling me people are signed in or email notifications. I'm wondering if my WLM is bust!! The issue i had in my past thread about firewall/antivir, all started when i tried to uninstall WLM. Am not sure if there related, but when i got my pc back after formatting & XP install, i noticed that WLM interfered with my Firewall a lot & i couldn't get online, i don't know what i did to remedy it.

julius, i've just had my pc formatted & XP reinstalled because of an issue that fried my registry. The guy in the shop told me not to ever go near the Reg as anything can mess it up & then its caput!
Your suggestion may work, but i'm once bitten twice shy! Even though i have ERUNT backup.

  gazmix 21:30 22 Sep 2009

Marg that worked, when the 'bing' live today isn't there, no virus alert!!

However, lots of sounds have gone & i get no detections when people sign in or new mail etc! I wonder if its corrupted!

In add/remove programmes, i could click on chang/remove & it would ask me if i wanted to repair or uninstall, this don't happen now!!

I wonder if its possible to install the same version over this one?, as a repair! ?

  gazmix 21:46 22 Sep 2009

I heard via google that the ADSAdClient things is if you sign into WLM via hotmail in firefox, but i don't do that!
I wonder if it knows that my default browser is set to FF, a microsoft thing!

Yeh, sound is ok, most of the default sounds work except a few & the alerts issue!

I will attempt that System restore to now & then reinstalling. Although system restore didn't work earlier when my Firewall was playing up & causing a send report!

  gazmix 22:08 22 Sep 2009

Yeh, i know, i created the restore, but it wouldn't let me install over the top as it said i already had the prog installed!!

It seems the option to 'repair' Windows Live Messenger' has gone from clicking add/remove prrogrammes & them WLM. It offered me the option to uninstall or repair earlier, now neither!

Seems some of the default sounds have gone as i say!

  gazmix 10:50 23 Sep 2009

Hi, no i understood about the restore :).

I'm not sure whats happened! before, when i was able to double click on 'Windows Live Essentials' in add/remove, the programme was 79 MB & then allowed me to either repair or uninstall.
I uninstalled & then rebooted but on reboot, my firewall wouldn't load saying there was a problem (send report or don't send blah blah) & my Avira Antivir was just a empty shell on my desktop & couldn't be found!, saying it didn't exist!

When i try to restore back now to any of my restore points going back to the 18th, i get the same firewall & AV issue!.
I guess i shouldn't touch System restore for a while & hope each system check backs up to how it is now!

So will running the Windows Installer cleanup programme get rid of corrupt/leftovers & let me reinstall WLM?, howabout Revo Uninstaller?

  gazmix 11:25 23 Sep 2009

I now get the same virus alert when 'sign into windows live today' is disabled! & a security alert saying that i'm about to view secure pages etc, do i want to continue with option to hide the box! The same as you get when viewing pages in IE.

  gazmix 11:45 23 Sep 2009

With the cleanup utility, do i use it 1st then use add/remove?, or will this erase the prog from add/remove so i can install again?
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