Issue 176 March mag

  Daiol 16:38 25 Jan 2010

Hi,Regarding the latest mag we had 176,The dvd supplied I installed the Iobit Security 360 pro.Seems to be working fine,just a question regarding all these antisyware,malwarebytes spubot,I suppose we all have one or the other intalled on our pc's I have a desktop xp pro just wondering how often should these free items be run daily weekly or monthly to checkup on nasties there are so many suggestions out there just a thought on the matter of the norm on running ie: malwarebytes etc.
Any thoughts out there please & has any one installed the Iobit Security 360 if so what do you think of it?.
Thanks for listening to my thoughts.

  lotvic 16:53 25 Jan 2010

How often you run the scans is personal choice and depends on your surfing habits.

Not used Iobit Security 360 so can't comment on it.

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