ISP's fair use policy

  Jackcoms 09:32 15 Dec 2006

I'm aware that all ISPs have a fair use policy.

My elder daughter is a student sharing a house with 5 flatmates. They all all share a Tiscali 8Mb BB connection which they started using at the beginning of Term in September. Obviously with 6 users there is heavy usage.

The girls received a fair usage warning today from Tiscali by e-mail. It's sod's law that the warning arrived on the very day that Term ends and they're all off home and won't be using the BB connection at all for almost a month!

I have given the girls some advice about cutting back on their use and disconnecting whenever they're away from their PCs.

However, the advice I seek from the Forum is this:

Should the girls ignore Tiscali's warning on the basis that when they are on holiday (which totals almost 3 months of the year) there will be no use at all of their BB connection?


Should they actually tell this to Tiscali - that they are 6 students sharing the connection and, thus, there will be heavy use during Term time but none at all for the other 3 months of the year (and hope that Tiscali make allowances for their usage patterns)?

  Diodorus Siculus 09:35 15 Dec 2006

Given that the connection will see very light usage over the next few weeks, it may well balance itself out.

These emails are part of an automated process and if it's the first one, it's not a cause of concern.

  anskyber 09:36 15 Dec 2006

Interesting point. It may well be worth trying but I suspect it will not be an issue of average usage but one of peak usage.

The ISP will be trying to avoid problems with other users who are having poor responses arising from high bandwidth users at peak times.

  anskyber 09:41 15 Dec 2006

This seems to support my thoughts. click here

  Jackcoms 09:43 15 Dec 2006

Um. You may have hit the nail. ! quote from Tiscali's e-mail:

"Your broadband Internet usage has been highlighted as exceptionally high during peak periods and is affecting the service that we provide to other customers.

You may upload and download as you wish outside the peak hours; however we ask that you are considerate when using the internet during the peak period. Peak hours are from 6pm to 11pm Monday to Sunday".

  Stuartli 09:46 15 Dec 2006

>>however we ask that you are considerate when using the internet during the peak period. Peak hours are from 6pm to 11pm Monday to Sunday".>>

This is the point of the "fair usage" policy in order that everyone gets a fair crack of the whip.

  Jackcoms 10:13 15 Dec 2006

I'm aware of the point of the fair usage policy and I'm not arguing with it.

My dilemma is - do the girls ignore Tiscali's e-mail or actually tell Tiscali about their circumstances and try to cut back on their use (not easy)?

Either way, the BB connection won't be used for 3 months of the year!

  Stuartli 10:36 15 Dec 2006

I see the point you are trying to make, but if the six flatmates are all/partially using the Internet at the same time whilst living at the property, then others in the area may suffer because of the contention ratio.

You are considering total annual bandwidth use against peak period excess use - not quite the same thing...:-)

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