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  Bike-it 21:58 06 Apr 2008

I want released from my isp contract as i feel that ukonline are not giving me an acceptable level of service, with ukonline i have a serious connection issue, dropping connection sometimes twenty five times per day, sometimes i cannot even get on the net.
I never had a connection problem with my previous isp tiscali who i was with for five years.
So after five weeks of trouble shooting with i feel every member of their technical dept and on their advise buying a new router and adsl filters we are no further on.
So they told my that the final step that they could take was to get BT to check my home and the exchange if all was ok at both there was nothing more they could do for me and at that stage they would release me from my contract.
They arranged BT to check the set up at my home and at the exchange which was done yesterday and the BT guy said both were perfect.
But today i could not get on the net until about 3pm.
so i called ukonline again today to ask for a mac code and to be released from my contract, they agreeded to give me a mac code but they would not release me from my contract.
I have contacted their customer service dept recently via post & email and have not received a reply,
So does anyone here know where i can get some help in trying to resolve this.

  Ashrich 22:16 06 Apr 2008

What do you use to connect to the Internet , do you have a wireless ADSL router , a wired ADSL router or are they separate ( a modem and a router ) . When you can't get online does the Internet light go out on the router ( or modem if separate ) ?


  Bike-it 00:09 07 Apr 2008

I use a netgear router which is connected to the computer with an ethernet cable, i also have a laptop connected wireless by a netgear dongle. the light on the router sometimes flashes but if i cannot get online the internet light is not lit.

  Ashrich 08:47 07 Apr 2008

Is this the same wireless router you used with Tiscali ?


  Bike-it 17:25 07 Apr 2008

Yes i am using the same equipment.

  awest3 17:47 07 Apr 2008

I went through very similar problems when I switched from Pipex to Sky...on the day of the switch everything went off ok..the line was giving me 3.5meg as opposed to the .8meg with pipex at a third of the cost...over the next few days the line started dropping then I could not get on at all...Sky support could not understand it..tried a different NIC card as a suggetion was that the onboard card was broken, I considered this a coincidence too far but tried it joy...I then did what I should have done first off....restored to the day before my sky isp became active.....evrything returned to normal and I've not had a problem since(time will tell..I've only been on Sky for a week) ....worth a try if not already tried.


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