ISP wanted without CD connection

  Andsome 10:03 16 May 2003

A friend wishes to go online. She has never had an internet account. I don't particularly want to use a CD if I can help it I am suspicious of all ISP software. I don't particularly want to use a CD to establish an account and then uninstall it. Are there any ISP's who will give you details of dial up configurations etc and open an account in readiness for me to configure the account by hand and avoid software altogether?

  Sir Radfordin™ 10:22 16 May 2003

Lots let you sign up online so you could do it that way - you would just have to run settings file that would create the dial up connection etc.

  MartinT-B 10:39 16 May 2003

99% of them do not need a CD.

The CD is for convenience for those 'newbies' who are not confident enough to set up the connection manually.

If you talk to the Tech Depts and explain that you have no CD player they will talk you/het through it.

I have personal experience with BT,, Blueyonder and Dircon Tech Departments and would recommend any of them.

Under no circumstances talk to 'standard' customer support. Most of them are ½ wits - not all, just the majority.

  DieSse 10:42 16 May 2003

Sign her up on-line on your system, then take the settings you get and manually put them into hers. I do this all the time (but with Spanish ISPs, so I can't recommend anyone specific.)

  MartinT-B 10:44 16 May 2003

I'll give you an example - told me to enter my domain click here into the ftp progam I use, but I couldn't get a connection.

After 10 minutes of talking to a dummy in cust services, I was put through to the tech dept who immediately said "use 195.8.172.whatever" instead, and 2 seconds later I was connected.

  keith-236785 12:13 16 May 2003

you could use click here it is easy and free and does not take over your computer as Freeserve & Supernet do. there are loads of others but this is the one i chose and have had no problems with. good luck

  Djohn 12:16 16 May 2003

I joined "Freeserve" last week, special offer of £6.99 per month for first three months. I had picked up the CD from PC World, but then decided I would prefer a simple manual connection.

Gave them a call on the phone, they gave me the dial up number and a user name/Password. Went into control panel, make a new connection wizard and connected in 5 minutes, all without any trace of Freeserve branding or extras on my PC at all. Regards J.

  _Treb_ 21:15 16 May 2003

0845 0796699 Freeserve number for pay as you go

  hssutton 21:39 16 May 2003

Have a look at this,click here. Complete with full instructions on how to set up your PC

  Patr100 23:51 16 May 2003

Use Turbosheep PAYG dial up - No registration of any kind required just set up Dial Up Networking and use the details below

Area code and phone number: 0845 0961234
Username: [email protected]
Password: fast

  Andsome 08:41 17 May 2003

Many thanks to everyone, I have saved this page and will print it out for when I call round to do the job for her.

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