ISP Router v Belkin N Router

  mikeyp58 18:42 10 Jul 2010

Hi, I have used my ISP's (Tiscali) Router for over 18 months. It is a Siemens Gigaset SE587 model.

I have never had the fastest connection (I live in the country) and was recently given a Belkin N Wirless Router Model F5D8633-4 from a friend.

It is just the unit with no CD or instructions. He has never used it.

Would I be better sticking with my current Router or changing over to the Belkin? I am the only user of my laptop at home.

If the Belkin would give me faster connection, is there some way I can install it without the CD?

Lots of questions, appreciate any help.


  onthelimit 19:31 10 Jul 2010

I would suggest you stick with what works. The router is unlikely to make a difference. It's the condition, length of the line and contention ratio that affect speed.

  mikeyp58 19:52 10 Jul 2010

onthelimit - thanks for your reply.
Makes good sense if it does not alter or enhance my connection speed.

Less hassle.

By the way - this sounds weird but I 'constructed' a Windsurfer Antenna enhancer a couple of hours ago (found design on the internet) and added an extra bar to my signal strength!!!
All for some cardboard and aluminium foil!!!

Thanks again.

  mgmcc 20:21 10 Jul 2010

Firstly, you don't need a CD to configure a router. The default IP address of Belkin routers is so, if you type that into the address bar of your web browser, it will open the router's configuration pages. As far as I recall, there is no default Username or Password set in Belkin router so, if prompted, leave the fields blank.

If it were me, I would try the router just to see if there is any difference in performance. Some hardware (actually the modem) can perform better than others in areas where the signal is poor. However there is also the maxim "if it ain't broke, don't fix it!"

Should the new router be worse, or no better, than your existing one, just swap them back again. Nothing will have changed with the old connection.

  mikeyp58 21:15 10 Jul 2010

mgmcc - thank you

  mikeyp58 18:14 25 Jul 2010

Hi, back again.

Have taken advice but still unable to set up Belkin Router.

Do I have to use my ISP username and password to do this?

I go into etc and go past the initial log in as I do not need a password for Belkin.

When setting up it asks me for a username and password. Of what?

I am now at a standstill.

Anybody help?

  mgmcc 06:29 26 Jul 2010

When configuring the Modem/Router to connect to Tiscali, you will have to enter your ISP Username & Password.

  mikeyp58 18:04 27 Jul 2010

Tried that - won't play.

I'll contact the ISP re the details.

Thanks again.

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