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  Spectorx 11:56 16 Aug 2005

How Do i Change My ISP, And Isit A long Process?

  pj123 12:48 16 Aug 2005


Who is your current ISP. Is it Broadband (monthly subscription) or Dialup PAYG.

If it is PAYG just stop using it and start another account with another ISP.

If it is BB you have two options. 1. wait until your contract ends and don't renew. Then choose another BB ISP. or 2. Transfer it from your existing ISP to the new ISP (which can be fraught with problems). From what I have read you need to get agreement from your current ISP to allow the transfer. You will then be given a MAC number that you pass on to your new ISP. But I don't know any more than that.

Either way (with Broadband) you will be "offline" for a period of time.

I am on Broaband but still have an analogue modem and a PAYG dialup account active as a backup.

  Spectorx 13:37 16 Aug 2005

I am on BB Ntl, If I was to change internet provider to say, Telewest, would my ISP Change?

  johnnyrocker 13:39 16 Aug 2005

yes obviously as isp stands for internet service provider or are you getting confused with ip address (only ask cos someone was on about this the other day)


  Totally-braindead 13:42 16 Aug 2005

Phone your ISP and ask if they support migration, some do and some don't. I've no experience of actually doing it but if your ISP supports migration and you can get your MAC key its meant to be very easy. Have a look at this for info on migration click here and for general info on BB click here

  johnnyrocker 13:47 16 Aug 2005

mac migrations in theory are supposed to be very easy in that the process is supposed to be old isp stops x date new isp provides on y date but it all depends on co operation between both isp's and bt


  pj123 14:56 16 Aug 2005

johnnyrocker, although in this case BT doesn't come into it. Both NTL and Telewest are cable ISPs.

  johnnyrocker 15:02 16 Aug 2005

very true, missed that bit but t/west was only put forward as one possibility in whic case if poster goes elsewhere what i posted will stand.


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