laurie53 12:52 01 Apr 2008

I suppose this could just as easily be in Helproom or Consumerwatch, but I've just asked my ISP for a MAC code.

I was immediately offered a sevenfold speed upgrade, removal of my download limit and a reduction of £5 in my monthly charge. (plus 3 months free)


  Clapton is God 12:53 01 Apr 2008

It's also April Fool's day. Did you phone before or after midday?

  Forum Member2 12:58 01 Apr 2008

who is your isp

  laurie53 13:01 01 Apr 2008

"It's also April Fool's day."

Never thought of that - perhaps I'd better wait for the written confirmation before I get too smug and self satisfied!

  jellyhead 18:25 01 Apr 2008

A similar thing happened to me last week with aol, thought about it for a couple of days and declined thier kind offer, so ordered a mac code friday night, still waiting for that but guess what turned up in my inbox today?

"At AOL, we're committed to providing you with the best service possible.
To do this, we need your help. Please complete our short online survey"

Wish they had taken note of my comments a couple of months back when I first contacted them about the service.

  jellyhead 18:26 01 Apr 2008

I'm off to O2

  Forum Member2 13:06 03 Apr 2008

those emails are automatic

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