Isopropyl Alcohol - Where do you get yours???

  Jester2K II 11:23 08 Jul 2003

Searching for Isopropyl Alcohol to clean a blocked Epson Stylus Colour 660 but can't find out where to get it from!! Tried 2 local chemists and neither stock it.

Can anyone tell me where i might get it from? Or a safe alternative?

Also any tips on cleaning this printer? Cartridges are over 50 % full but just won't print. Multi head clean to no avail...

  Andsome 11:37 08 Jul 2003

Almost any decent Hi-Fi shop

  -pops- 11:39 08 Jul 2003

Maplin Item # RE71N

  VoG II 11:40 08 Jul 2003

You could try the alternative (more modern) names "2-propanol" or "isopropanol" when asking at a pharmacists. Remember, they're not real chemists!

  -pops- 11:41 08 Jul 2003



  rubella 11:50 08 Jul 2003

i've always managed to get IPA in Boots. 250ml size bottles.

  IZZY 12:06 08 Jul 2003

Jester2K II, Hi..

I believe you can get cleaning cartridges for cleaning the print heads. Never used or seen them but I assume they are identical to the ink cartridge. This is one site which advertises them but I think you'd have to do a search on it as these don't appear too obvious.

click here



  Megatyte 12:13 08 Jul 2003

I get isopropanol a gallon at a time(I use it for cleaning PCBs') from a local paint mixing company.


  MadNige 12:14 08 Jul 2003

My little local chemist didn't stock it either, but they did order it in for me - took about a week to arrive.

Surgical spirits, which they will stock, is a methanol-ethanol mix with less nasty stuff added than household meths. You could use this short-term to start the softening process, and flush through later.

  Jester2K II 12:20 08 Jul 2003

Thank you all - didn't think about other names for it!

I'll try the chemisits again or pop to Boots.

Cheers all

BTW Thanks for the cleaning cartridges advise IZZY but i might to another 3 or 4 different Printers that have been left standing for over a year so the IP will work out cheaper.

  Diver14 12:43 08 Jul 2003

I've got the same problem with a stylus 640.

How are you going to clean the heads? - by filling an old cartridge with the Isopropyl Alcohol and then doing lots of head cleaning cycles or a different method.

I'd be interested to hear your thought as I might give it a go myself - cheaper than a new printer!!


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