An ISO file is an image of a disc-CD/DVD/HDD

  jack 20:38 28 Jul 2010

Is that right?
To access this file as far as I can see is to burn it it a DVD/ and it automatically 'unpacks' itself to become a fully functional disk - Is that right?
Here is the problem I have an 8 year old Emachine of one of my flock which totally crashed with DrWatson.
The Rescue disk simply formatted and reinstalled.
So no now I have a good running machine.
But with only XP Home basic.
I would like to get the service packs on.
But being an elderly machine it don't know about DVD's and a CD is isn't big enough.
So I thought as I do not want to alter this machine in any way- would sending the file to a 'stick'- unpack it self?
Or am I missing a trick here?

  c4rm0 20:49 28 Jul 2010

a ISO is a image you can burn the ISO file with nero or most other burning apps or you can extract it with a program like Magic ISO

  MAT ALAN 20:52 28 Jul 2010

Ifthe machine is connected to the internet just download them, if it is not don't bother...

click here

you will need either 1a or 2 (not both) before you download SP3

  Strawballs 22:43 28 Jul 2010

Can't you borrow an external USB DVD drive just to do the job?

  woodchip 22:53 28 Jul 2010

By Stick! do you mean a USB Stick if so, the computer that does not support DVD etc will most likely not be able to boot from USB in the BIOS as first boot device. You can check BIOS to see but doubt it can boot from USB.

  AL47 23:01 28 Jul 2010

i dont know if im even on the right track, but what about a virtual drive?

  Strawballs 23:02 28 Jul 2010

If it's XP then it will support DVD it just might not have one fitted

  jack 08:26 29 Jul 2010

Will see what I can do with the external DVD thingy.

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