ISO file editer

  Quiet Life 23:19 25 Apr 2007

Anybody know of a free program that is similar to Winiso or Ultraiso. Trial copies of these programs have a 100mb and 300mb restriction respectively.

  Diversion 00:23 26 Apr 2007
  Quiet Life 07:28 26 Apr 2007

Having tried several "free downloads" with limited features until paid for I am loking for a program which somebody has experience of it actually working without restrictions.

  eedcam 09:02 26 Apr 2007

Perhaps this click here

  mattyc_92 11:46 26 Apr 2007

ISOBuster click here

I personally use this, but I don't think it can edit ISO files (it can view and extract files though)

  Quiet Life 14:13 26 Apr 2007

Thanks for the input. eedcam . AVS would appear to do what I want but is very prone to crashing and after several hours have not progressed.
ISOBUSTER is I believe a paid for program.

Still hopeful somebody will come up with something. WINISO is very quick, files are listed alphabetically and easy to delete and add. However not possible to save final result due to 100mb limitation. In AVS files are not listed alphabetically and in the i386 their are hundreds of files to scroll through to find the ones to delete and on adding files it invariably crashes.

  MAJ 15:07 26 Apr 2007

Buy the Winiso package then as it seems to be your favourite, what does it cost, £15?

  mattyc_92 15:40 26 Apr 2007

ISOBuster is Shareware

You have use it as much as you wish, but some features are restricted.

  Diversion 00:26 27 Apr 2007

ISO Buster was in the second link that I put up on my first post, and as mattyc_92 points out it is a free Shareware program.

  Quiet Life 13:45 27 Apr 2007

I tried Iso Buster whic is very good but it does not, as far as I can see, have the ability to delete and add files to an original Iso file.
It does seem to be able to do this for any lost files but this is not what I want.
Basically what I want is just to remove files from an Iso file and add other files to the original Iso file.
Extraction really means copy as the original file stays.

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