iso file

  muffin1947 18:07 21 Aug 2007

I have downloaded a file which is in the iso formatI would like to burn it onto a disc and then install it on the computer but am unsure how to proceed.I have power iso installed if that is what is needed.Can anyone advise

  beeuuem 18:14 21 Aug 2007

The easy -to me -way is to download and install click here
Find the iso image , right click and select 'copy image to CD' from menu.

  mrwoowoo 19:31 21 Aug 2007

you could use nero,if you have it and select burn image to disc.

  simmo07 20:39 21 Aug 2007

MagicISO is brilliant, my trial runs out tomorrow though :(

  [email protected] 20:52 21 Aug 2007

have you tried dvd shrink?
file>open iso image>back up>select your writer

  Simsy 20:55 21 Aug 2007

CD burning software do you have installed already, if any?



  powerless 21:45 21 Aug 2007

click here

click here

Do you really need another thread?

  powerless 21:47 21 Aug 2007
  muffin1947 06:36 22 Aug 2007

Thanks for all the replies guys.I used nero to burn it onto a disc and have now installed it.It is a game called tiger woods PGA tour 2007.It installed ok the only problem being when I try to play it I get the message cannot locate the DVD Rom please insert the disc select ok and restart the application even though the disc has been loaded.Any ideas

  [email protected] 07:22 22 Aug 2007

sorry not an answer as such,but i think it will be due to the copy protection of the disc.Im not a gamer so havent the first idea how they back up the discs.

  simmo07 12:50 22 Aug 2007

if you downloaded a illegal copy chances are it wont work, is a bad copy or it needs the CD. search google for a NO CD crack for the title.

click here=

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