Isn't broadband faster early in the morning?

  Halmer 06:40 16 Apr 2004

I was up at five this morning because I couldn't sleep.

I can't believe just how much quicker my BB access is at this time in the morning!

  Forum Editor 07:12 16 Apr 2004

the Internet is generally faster at that time - large swathes of America are going offline and most of the UK is also still asleep. I addition you probably aren't contending with anyone for bandwidth on your gateway.

  Halmer 07:18 16 Apr 2004

When you talk of gateway do you mean the service provided by my isp Pipex?

  bloo meeny 08:03 16 Apr 2004

I heard of the 'most of America asleep' theory before - very likely a factor.

In the 21 months or so I've had Freeserve broadband, I've really only had two noticeable slowdowns (to about half to usual 60 kbps).

I've found it busier between 4pm and 5.30pm, though I'm not usually on at that time.
Always assumed it was all the schoolkids doing their homework !!

  poogles_uk 09:46 16 Apr 2004

It is because less people are online so less on the server you may have logged into, this is the same for dialup.

  Sir Radfordin 09:47 16 Apr 2004

bloo meeny: more likely to be the school kids avoiding the homework!

Halmer: With ADSL you have a number of people sharing a connection - this is known as the contention ratio. The more people that connect the more demand there is and so the slower the service is for everyone. It is exactly the same as what happens on the roads. During rush hour things still get though just at a slower pace, during the night the trafic moves more freely.

As a significant number of internet users will be US based the hours that they are asleep there will be less demand on the internet system as a whole. It was much more noticable pre-broadband days when downloading large files.

There isn't however much you can do about it!

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