ISDN Router and HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! phone bills

  wavesailor 14:23 14 Sep 2004

We installed an ISDN router in March to allow our 5 workstations to network and have access to the internet. Unfortunatly the phone bills were not scrutinised untill this week and horror of horrors!!!!!!!!! some sessions have cost over £90 a few over the weekend when the workstations should have been off. we are not sure whether this is innocent but costly automatic updates or something more sinister. Any ideas or checks would be appreciated.

  plsndrs3 14:52 14 Sep 2004

by any stretch of the imagination, but I thought that the B/B router is 'pre-programmed' with the necessary dial-in number for the ISP who provides it and that this is a hardware stored item - not in memory or on a harddrive. It is also stored in a location that cannot be changed by dialler programs or hijackers.

I do not know of any way thst routers can be programmed to use premium rate numbers and most 'pay per view' sites require passwords etc. to be entered. Either I am wrong about hijackers or someone may have left a PC connected to a site that requires payment to be connected to it all over the weekend?



  wavesailor 15:34 14 Sep 2004

thanks for the response, the dial up phone numbers are configured along with all the usual passwords etc by the user and are configured with a browser. I am no expert either but as the router is acting as the gateway to the internet and has its own ip address I guess its settings could easily be read from outside of our internal firewall. I believe that the router has its own firewall and I will check.

  Gaz 25 15:56 14 Sep 2004

Why dont you just upgrade to Broadband?

No dialers could cause mayhem. I doubt a dialer unless it's intelligent can write to a router.

Ensure admin area on router is protected.

  wavesailor 17:57 14 Sep 2004

We don't have broadband in our village until april 2005! but I bet I will be the first to subscribe when it gets here.

Thanks for your comments, I will check the admin but my suspicions are that a program is possibly causing the problem. It's weird (and has been expensive)

  alnwrd 19:08 14 Sep 2004

We had huge phone bills with isdn lines and microsoft NT small business server. When the server dialled up for email downloads, the line was never dropped as it should have been, and continued to remain open. We started pulling the phone line to cure this.

We solved it by installing MS Windows 2000 server and getting it configured by Altohiway.

  wavesailor 21:45 14 Sep 2004

how did you trace the problem? I thought that I found the cause a couple of weeks ago when one of our workstations was configured to check for mail every minute! I changed the setting to every two hours and checked that all the other workstations were similar and that Outlook should hang up after delivery, perhaps it hangs at times.
The company who first installed the router warned me that this could happen, perhaps it is safer to reconfigure for individual standard dial up for each workstation until we have broadband?

  wavesailor 19:27 16 Sep 2004

problem solved. Some p--t at my isp changed a setting on my account?

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