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  Tj_El 20:59 22 Jun 2003

Hi people,

Never having used ISDN before I need to ask what might be a silly question: can this service be connected to using a V90 internal modem or deos it require some other sort of modem such as is required by BB connexions?

Thanks for the answer - it's for a friend.


  Totally-braindead 21:01 22 Jun 2003

It need another type of modem.

  graham√ 21:25 22 Jun 2003

Connecting ISDN to a USB port should do the trick.

  Tj_El 21:49 22 Jun 2003

graham√: I don't quite follow. Totally-braindead stated ISDN requires a diff kind of modem. Are you saying that direct connection of this modem to a USB port is all that's required?

Please clarify. Thanks a mill.

  graham√ 22:50 22 Jun 2003

OK, sorry. ISDN usually comes in the shape of Home or Business Highway these days. If this is the case, there will be an analogue line socket and two ISDN sockets. These two ISDN sockets are in parallel, not Channels 1 and 2. Underneath is a socket to connect directly to a USB port. No modem is needed because both parts are digital.

  accord 23:20 22 Jun 2003

i think you will need some kind of modem for the puter to talk to the network

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  DieSse 23:41 22 Jun 2003

You need an ISDN adapter (it's not, strictly speaking, a modem - but it's the ISDN equivalent of one).

However, as graham√ says, the BT Highway system has a direct connection to your USB port, as apparently the adapter is built-in to their box. The Spanish system has a similar device, actually built in to a telephone, which connects directly to a serial port.

  Totally-braindead 01:00 23 Jun 2003

I'm not trying to be offensive guys. The question asked was " can this service be connected to using a V90 internal modem ". The answer is no it is impossible to connect ISDN to an internal 56k or indeed any other modem. I realise that ISDN can connect to USB but that wasn't what was asked. I further realise that ISDN is dependent on the phone lines being connected up but I didn't want to confuse the issue any further, as has happened unfortunatly.

  graham√ 08:51 23 Jun 2003

Home Highway plug and play click here

  DieSse 09:50 23 Jun 2003

IMHO, the answers above, taken all together, clarify the situation completely, and I can't see how they are confusing.

  DieSse 10:09 23 Jun 2003

Something else occurs to me - you can, of course, connect your V90 modem to the analogue port of the ISDN wall box.

This, naturally, would mean you still have a regular analogue connection - but will suffice for a time, if this was what was required, - and allow the second channel to be used independantly.

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