ISDN connection problem

  Antz 22:59 27 Mar 2005

I recently upgraded to isdn with my telecom provider.Everything is o.k with the analogue side of things i.e both analogue telephone lines are working nicely. However, the digital side of things refuses to work. Any device connected to the isdn ports cannot connect to the outside world e.g isdn modem to my isp. Windows xp reports no problems.I have checked all cable connections and ran a loop back diagnostic check which reports 'no isdn connection available, check all cables or contact service provider'. This applies to all three computers I have tried and two seperate isdn modems. Is it possible I have a faulty isdn line ( or isdn box )?

  Night Ryder 23:13 27 Mar 2005

Are you using a wireless hub/modem?

  Night Ryder 23:14 27 Mar 2005

If you have several computers attached, have you set up a local shared network?

  Antz 23:18 27 Mar 2005

No hub, no network, simple usb isdn modem connected to to the isdn box with a rj45 cable.

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