bellyshere 17:45 01 Mar 2003

I can't get broadband where i live and want to get a faster connection. I was considering isdn. However, i can't figure out what i need and how much it's going to cost. I,m currently on freeserve anytime and want a similar anytime package, but on isdn.

  Bluescreen 18:10 01 Mar 2003

Don't bother. wait for broard band. It will only dissapoint you in the cost department!

  graham 18:28 01 Mar 2003

What you need is Home Highway click here

You get two 64K ISDN channels and two analogue channels, you can only use two of the four at once. If you use the two 64K to give 128K you would normally pay for two calls, but i'm sure there's a package to suit you.

  Andy69 00:05 05 Mar 2003

I was in a similar situation a few months ago and did opt for ISDN HomeHighway, however because I live in a small village there wasn't the option to wait for broadband. If we do get it then it's going to be at least another 12 months away.

I'll assume you've checked the link that describes the costs involved.

The HomeHighway is an upgrade to the existing telephone service, you get quite a large-ish box that sits on the wall and you will be given 3 telephone numbers, your existing number, a second analog number and a digital number.

As new installations of HH now support USB you don't really need to buy any more hardware for your PC as long as your PC and OS support USB.

Although I have to say that while I waited for my ISDN terminal adaptor I used the USB method of connecting and it almost drove me mad! It could have simply been an issue with my PC but it was very unpredictable and would allow me to make an ISDN dial-up call but quite often after the first call I'd need to reboot as subsequent dial-ups were unsuccessful.

The terminal adaptor has been much more stable, though I've recently starting having a minor problem that I'm going to post to the discussion group for advice.

If you choose to go the ISDN terminal adaptor route it's simply a case of making sure you have a spare PCI slot in your PC and installing it. The adaptor then connects to the digital port on the BT ISDN box.

One further consideration is your ISP. I changed ISP as my previous one didn't support ISDN calls. I've used BTOpenWorld recently and there service will give 150 hours for £15.99 - but you can only use the 64kbps connection.

If you search the web you can find telephone numbers for ISP's that will provide 128kbps at the price of a local call(?) however remember that it's the price of 2 x local calls when you're on 128.

At 64kbps speed you see the increase and the dial-up connection is established really quickly which is very good. At 64kbps you don't tie up your phone line while you're online, which is also quite handy. At 128kbps there is a definate difference in speed that you can see, but because the lines are 'bundled' you tie up your analog telephone line.

I'd suggest that if you're considering going for ISDN HomeHighway then I'd first try and find out how long it's likely to be before broadband might be available in your area. If it's less the the minimum contract for HH, which I believe is 12 months, then I be tempted to hang on and wait.

If there are any other questions you might have, post them and I'll try and help :-)

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