Isass.exe - System Error

  Rabi 23:52 14 Dec 2004

Running a Windows 2000 PC, have received this message several times, i click "Ok", and the PC reboots, and the screen re-appears; what does this mean, and what can I do about it? Do I need to reinstall Windows 2000?
Will I lose my data and network settings?


"Security Accounts Manager initialization failed because of the
following error:
Directory Service cannot start.
Error Status: oxoooo2eI
Please click Ok to shutdown this system and reboot into Dirtectory Services Restore Mode, check the event log for more detailed information"

Grateful for some help, thanks

  smudge101 23:55 14 Dec 2004

It sounds like you have a corrupt system file. The best thing to do is to run a system file check. If you are not sure how to do this post back, I will try to help.

  SANTOS7 00:00 15 Dec 2004

click here
lssass.exe is related to sasser worm the link should help,good luck..............

  Rabi 00:00 15 Dec 2004

Thank you, smudge101

No, I do not knokw how to do this, would appreciate walking through with me.

Much obliged.

P.S.: If it makes any differrence, the PC is acting as a small server for a 20 workstation network for a missionary school. I know it is running Windows 2000, not sure exactly which version though.


  smudge101 00:07 15 Dec 2004

is a legitimate windows system file that has been known to have some security vulnerabilities.

"Local Security Authentication Server (LSASS.EXE). This is the LSA server. During user authentication, the WINLOGIN process will interact with the LSASS process. LSASS implements the user space part of the authentication procedure for accessing objects, interacting with the Executive Security Reference Monitor mechanism."

It would be wise to scan for viruses but it is probably a corrupted file.

  smudge101 00:12 15 Dec 2004

To run this you will need your install disk in the CD drive.
Go to the start button and select 'Run' type in CMD.exe and then click ok, you then have the command prompt window open.

At the command prompt type in SFC.exe /scannow

Make sure you leave a space btween exe & /

SFC will check your system file and replace corrupt or missing files.

Then do a virus check with up to date antivirus software. Any problems get in touch.

  Rabi 00:13 15 Dec 2004

Yes, thank you;

Thought you were going to walk me through the system file check ...?

  smudge101 00:26 15 Dec 2004

see above??

  smudge101 00:36 15 Dec 2004

if the above does not solve the problem then see the microsoft knowledgebase article click here

Will check back in the morning

  Dorsai 07:38 15 Dec 2004

Also worth considering, is that there is lsass.exe (firts letter Between K and M), part of windows, and Isass.exe (first letter between H and J) a virus. As the windows bit is with a lover case l, and the virus a Capital I, they look identical in the standard windows font. Deliberately done by the virus writer, no doubt, to confuse the user into not being able to tell them apart.

the virus, click here

the windows part, click here

  Rabi 12:46 15 Dec 2004

Okay, tried to perform system file check, and received the following message:

"Windows file protection could not initiate the scan of protected system files"

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