fazza8 20:00 01 Nov 2005

I appear to have this virus. It seems to have disabled my windows firewall. What can I do?

  Diodorus Siculus 20:02 01 Nov 2005

click here

  fazza8 21:47 01 Nov 2005

Stinger found nothing

  Splork 21:48 01 Nov 2005

What other antivirus are you running, how did you discover you were infected with it in the first place?

  iscanut 22:03 01 Nov 2005

What virus do you actually have ? isass.exe is a windows file, not a virus.

  Splork 22:06 01 Nov 2005

Perhaps they mean lsass.exe?

  Splork 22:08 01 Nov 2005
  fazza8 22:11 01 Nov 2005

I'm running AntiVir 6. I keep getting a strange command box and then dumped into a website called Sygate keeps blocking lsass.exe. My windows firewall won't work. I get a message "Windows Firewall cannot be displayed because the associated services are not running"

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:15 01 Nov 2005

You should not be running two firewalls together

Sygate will switch off the windows firewall automatically.

Virus and spyware writers are getting more cunning. They are now disguising their viruses to look or sound like Windows system files.
Isass.exe lsass.exe The first starts with the letter capital i (I) and second starts with the letter lowercase l (L). The one starting with i (isass.exe) is a virus/Trojan but Windows users may easily mistake it for the very important security process, lsass.exe (starts with a lowercase L, as in lucky).

Bitdefender click here

  Splork 22:16 01 Nov 2005

LSASS as Nuts says, is a legitimate Windows file, ISASS on the other hand , is not. If you have Sygate (firewall?) you have no reason to be running the XP firewall anyway. Download this click here and take a very careful look at what is starting up when you boot your machine. You may also want to try this click here and post the resulting log here click here

  iscanut 11:34 02 Nov 2005

Sorry to add to the confusion. I meant to say lsass not isass ! Thanks for clarifying.

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