irritating selection

  gerriecah 19:02 10 Nov 2007

Using "Microsoft Word 2000" wordprocessor and using the "ENVELOPE and LABELS" the labels comes up with the selection "Full page of the same label" or "Single Label" and the "Full page of the same label" is selected as default. Can this be changed to set "Single Label" as default. Would save a lot of sheets of labels. I know it is my fault for not checking, but so easy to forget.

Would be obliged for assistance.

Gerrie C.

  gerriecah 18:26 24 Nov 2007

Any advice please

  wee eddie 18:41 24 Nov 2007

What Database are you using?

  gerriecah 20:07 24 Nov 2007

wee eddie ---- Many thanks for your response, but I am printing labels using Word 2000. This is done using the "ENVELOPES or LABELS" selection from the tools menu, the address required is typed in or loaded from a file of addresses. No Mail-shot nor database in use.

Thanks for your assistance.

Gerrie C.

  Woolwell 20:11 24 Nov 2007

Try using mail merge instead
click here

  woodchip 20:30 24 Nov 2007

I use Corel WordPerfect 8 a full Sheet of labels can be displayed or full width Page. If
you only print one or two Labels print the bottom ones as this lets the Printer still have something to pull through Printer. If you have a Full Page View, For Extra Label press Ctrl+Enter key You can also do the Copy Paste routine

  gerriecah 10:38 25 Nov 2007

Woolwell ---- Thanks for your assistance, but MailMerge is not what I want, I use it for other purposes, and in this case it is not applicable. All I want to know is if I can change the default setting of the "Envelopes and Labels" "Full Page of same label, or Single Label" setting.

woodchip ---- Many thanks for your response, especially that tip of printing the bottom labels first, good thinking. Microsoft Word 2000 does the job that I require very well, but as I said sometimes I forget to change the default setting of "Full Page of same label" to "Single Label" and I finish up with 16 labels the same. Irritating but my own fault.

Many thanks to You All for your assistance, very much appreciated. Guess it cannot be changed so I will have to be more dilligent.

Gerrie C.

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