Irritating Msn Virus

  Crazygeorge3 22:05 04 Mar 2008

I have seemed to contract a new type of msn virus. I was pre occupied with some reading and had my pc on, and one of my contact sent me a file saying

"Hey this looks like you :S?" then a link which had my email and myspace

Since i was reading, and i trusted the guy i stuidly accepted, and now i'm sending this virus to everybody. Its annoying, msn keeps crashing and i just need to get it sorted. In my task manager there is a program called live.messenger, which is suspicious and its always there, even when messenger isnt on. Also when i end it live messenger does not close and the messaging stops. How do i delete this? none of my anti virus programs are picking it up.
Thanks a lot

  birdface 09:10 05 Mar 2008 here=

  Crazygeorge3 11:07 05 Mar 2008

thanks but i already googled but i can't seem to find anything that solves this

  RobCharles1981 12:14 05 Mar 2008

What Antivirus and Spyware do you have on your pc at the moment?

  Mac70 15:02 05 Mar 2008

I have a canned. Please ignore the BB code and just tell us if that helped.

Download [color=red][/color] from here, but don't use it yet.
click here
[i](Copy/Paste the URL into the address bar or use "Save Target As")[/i]
Now reboot into [b]Safe Mode[/b]
Double-click [b]MsnCleaner.exe[/b] to run it.
Click the [b]Analyze[/b] button.
A report will be created once after you finish scan.
If it finds an infection, click the Deleted button.
Now, please reboot back to normal mode.

  mfletch 15:13 05 Mar 2008

You could also try SAS,

Download SAS Superantispyware and do a full scan

The free version/ click here


  dogbreath1 20:00 05 Mar 2008

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