Is this irritating?

  DrScott 00:02 24 Feb 2006

Just wondering because I've added a kind of intro screen before the main website, and I was wondering if people would rather I do without it? I get the feeling that Flash intros are generally disliked, but this one is static. My other half thinks it's a waste of time! I'm not sure!!

click here

So is it irritating or okay?!



  mco 00:22 24 Feb 2006

my heart sank when I saw you had a flash intro! But yours is the acceptable face of flash intros so no, it doesn't irritate me too much.However, it does jump a bit when it comes on, and unless it's me with my laptop lopsided on my knees in bed (which is possible) it doesn't seem quite level.

  DrScott 10:09 24 Feb 2006

It's not actually a flash intro at all. And the reason for jumping is that to get the CSS layer to centre in any browser, I had to use this javascript code which unfortunately gives you the initial jump.

Using percentages and margins only really worked for vertical alignment. To get both vertical and horizontal seems to be rather tricky!

I completely understand what you say John. The ITU at my hospital is looking for a website so I might do that, plus my dad has a villa he rents out so I'll probably do some work on that. And yes I am very lucky - we're not married yet, but will be in August. She's much wiser than me!

So do I get rid of the intro? I suspect the site was really okay without it, so I think I might bin it. I'll see if anyone else has anything to add


Thanks again!

  DrScott 10:23 24 Feb 2006

I tell a lie - I've just found out how to vertically and horizontally centre the CSS layer. So aside from the jumping, if most people find the intro more than pointless I'll do away with it!

(Just took me ages to do {I know it may not look like it} and so that's why i'm clinging onto it for the moment)

Now where's my next project? :)

  mco 12:59 24 Feb 2006

I think forum member's got a point. I didn't find your inro irritatint - apart from the 'jump' which you've explained -but I did wonder why you felt the need. It's that old 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it' axiom.

  ade.h 17:28 24 Feb 2006

I don't have a problem with intro pages in the slightest! Ha!

Aside from any aesthetic issues that are specific to a particular design, of course.

And I would not necessrily bother with it on a church website; there are other types of site to which it's more relevant. But if you want it, keep it!

  Forum Editor 17:31 24 Feb 2006

you've made a good job of your site, and now you're succumbing to the very natural temptation to fiddle with it for the sake of fiddling.

Ditch the intro page immediately - it adds nothing, and it's irritating. When I visit a web site I don't want to have to open a door - I expect the door to be wide open already, and I want to get straight on the business of deciding whether to linger or not. That decision will be made on the basis of the quality of the homepage content.

  IClaudio 00:29 25 Feb 2006

I've never understood why I have to go through a 'press here to Enter' phase to get to see a site - why would would I be here if I didn't want to see the site? It's just an irrelavance...

By Jove, I wish I could get to that James Bowman concert :)

  DrScott 09:30 27 Feb 2006

Thank you all for your honest opinions! Looks like the nay votes carry it - I'll change the links round again and send the intro page into internet oblivion.

IClaudio, we'd love to see you the concert!

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