Irregular Memory Issue with recently built PC

  justin89h 14:04 18 Apr 2015

I've been having 'Memory Management' BSOD showing up since I built my PC around 2 months ago. As well as occasionally 'Page Fault' BSOD and others related to memory corruption.

After receiving these errors I've performed tests using the Microsoft Memory Diagnostic tool, and MemTest86 and they've come back with hardware issues within the first few seconds.

However, after having the computer turned off for a while, to try the RAM in a different slot configuration, or just to slam my head repeatedly against the wall, a second memory test reports no errors with the RAM whatsoever. I have run tests over 16 hours with absolutely no errors shown.

I have since reformatted my system due to corrupted system files, and have yet to receive a BSOD. I am however expecting one as I have performed a diagnostic test and received a hardware issue. After further messing around I have thankfully found out how to recreate this issue, and clear it, but not the root cause.

Long explanation, but some of it may be useful. Basically this is how I can cause a memory test to show a hardware issue:

1) Have the Windows running, all startup software running etc.
2) Shut down the system through the start menu option or the power button on the front of the PC.
3) After the system has shut down immediately start it back up again and allow windows to boot.
4) Start Microsoft's Memory Diagnostic test, allowing it to restart the computer.

The following is how I can clear this issue resulting in a memory test completing several passes with no errors:

1) After the previous diagnostic test completes with errors, shut down the computer.
2) Leave it off for several minutes.
3) Boot Windows and start Microsoft's Memory Diagnostic test, allowing it to restart the computer.

After significant searching on tech forums I have failed to find anyone that has a similar issue. Does anyone know what the root cause of this may be? Could the memory be set-up incorrectly or could it be due to the power supply? My system details are as follows:

CPU: Intel Core i5-4590
Motherboard: ASRock B85M-Pro4
Memory: 8G Kit 1600 Patriot Signature Line CAS 11
GPU: Gigabyte R9 290 4GB
PSU: Fractal Design Integra M 550W
OS: Windows 8.1 fully updated

  justin89h 08:58 19 Apr 2015

I've done some further testing which I should probably have done as soon as I figured out how to recreate the problem.

I managed to recreate the problem with just a single 4GB stick in slot one. After recreating it, I swapped over the stick to the other one and managed to recreate the problem on that one as well.

After that I booted the computer with just a single 4GB stick in slot 3 and manged to recreate the problem with that one as well.

Every time I tested I verified the ram passed (a single pass) with no errors, before a quick shutdown and bootup, followed by a second test with errors after a few seconds

As it would be unlikely for both sticks of RAM to have the same issue I believe this discounts the RAM as being the root cause? Same with the slots on the motherboard.

Does this mean the CPU's memory controller is the most likely suspect? If this is the case it would be somewhat difficult to explain and receive an RMA so would someone be able to confirm this with a better explanation? or offer an alternative?

I'll add as well that following a memory test with errors shown on just a single 4GB stick, Windows had significant trouble booting, flashing a BSOD, offering system repair options, or running for just a few seconds. One time it appeared the computer failed to even POST.

So once this hardware issue comes about it appears to render the RAM close to completely unusable.

  justin89h 10:00 26 Apr 2015

I've decided to call either ASRock or Patriot Tech Support, go through the issue with them in case there's something I've missed. After that I'll probably end up sending back the motherboard under warranty as it seems to be the most likely suspect.

Will probably do this in a month or so after I've finished playing GTA V though, because as long as I start it up in the correct way the system runs with no issues.

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