Irfanview 4.2 out today

  Seth Haniel 14:25 17 Jul 2008
  J B 17:41 17 Jul 2008

What do you think about running Irfanview with photofiltre using Photofiltre as the external editor? I have been using Photoshop Elements 5 but lately I have been looking around for something quick and easy to use. I also use Live Photo Gallery which I like a lot but I don't want to fire up PE-5 if I don't have to. By the way, would serve my purpose or would it be overkill? J.B.

  Seth Haniel 10:43 18 Jul 2008

for speed and ease of use and if I want something a bit more I use Paint Shop Pro

  J B 20:03 18 Jul 2008

I will give it a try, thanks. J.B.

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