irc ban

  s99Raj 16:53 20 May 2005

I've NEVER used irc before until yesterday and am a total beginner in it. I downloaded MIRC and went to a channel that interested me. I read a few of the posts for a while and then started typing in a few of my own, asking for help now and then. Not knowing totally what I was doing I made a few errors and then got banned !

I thought this was ridiculous and very mean. They don't give newbies much of a chance, do they? During my session I even wrote "sorry about that - I'm just learning" because I didn't post in the "correct" format.

I'd like to rejoin that particular channel but how can I? How can I get in touch with the person in charge of a particular channel?

  Yoda Knight 16:56 20 May 2005

Just change your Nick(name) and log back in

  s99Raj 17:03 20 May 2005

[email protected] tried that but it seems to recognise my IP address or something and says I'm still banned.

I tried uninstalling MIRC and reinstalling with a different username, password and e-mail address but I still got the same ban.

  Yoda Knight 17:10 20 May 2005

Reset ur ip address then:

From the command prompt: ipconfig /release <enter> ipconfig /renew <enter>

  s99Raj 17:23 20 May 2005

Sounds clever - when do I do that? Anytime? Before, during after opening MIRC. Or do I run the commands one after the other in the command prompt?

  s99Raj 17:30 20 May 2005

i tried that - still get "address is banned"

  Technotiger 17:58 20 May 2005

Hi, I wouldn't let it bother you - there are plenty of other IRC channels out there where I am sure you will be more than welcome - newbie or not. So I would advise you to perhaps check in Google or similar, like Yahoo or MSN and I am sure you will find a channel that you can enjoy.

Happy hunting.

  roy 23:05 20 May 2005

You could try deleting your cookies and a new name.

  about:blank 23:31 20 May 2005

deleating cookies wont help, nor will uninstalling your IRC client.
You could try proxy your connection, which all IRC clients support, or wait for your IP to refresh after a couple of days if your on a static IP
Or in XP:
Start>Control Pannel>Network Connections>"your connection">Support>Repair

Or: start> run> cmd> ipconfig /renew

  DrScott 09:21 21 May 2005

I'm afraid you just have to sit it out. The IRC channels often reset themselves every day, which clears the ban list. Give it overnight and you'll more than likely be back in... Another way is trying to msg one of the OPs and see if they'll pay attention, but this rarely works in my experience.

There are devious ways of getting back in, but it's verging on illegal and now some of the IRC servers have put measures in place to stop people changing their mask or IP. Does also slightly depend which IRC server you were accessing? Dalnet I guess?

  s99Raj 10:28 21 May 2005

No, not Dalnet (never heard of it actually, so maybe I'll try it! What's in it??). Iwas using Thundercity.

Anyway, maybe it's a coincidence but after Yoda Knight's suggestions I restarted the computer and a "new network was found". I then tried to log back into Thundercity (with my former username etc.) and was allowed in straight away. So either the ipconfig method worked or the IRC channels had cleared/refreshed at their end.

Thank you for everyone's help.

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