ir webcams

  lamby1 21:19 21 Mar 2006

Has anyone had any experience with them. The thing is i have just got my first car and am a little paranoid about it getting stolen, and was wondering if they are suitable to use as a security cam from my living room window. Any idea how good the pic quality is.

  ACOLYTE 21:29 21 Mar 2006

Depends how far away the car is from the cam,i should think and if the cam is color or black and white,if its in the drive you can get setups that fix on the outside wall and work on the TV,if its on the road you could use the same setup but the picture might not be so clear.The best thing would be to fit an alarm and immobilzer to the car.

  lamby1 21:39 21 Mar 2006

It's about 12 ft away, I have fitted a cheap car alarm but my budget won't stretch too far if you know what i mean! So i am looking for some cheap alternatives. I have fitted steering wheel locks as well. Car crime is very high around my area, and i wouldn't put anything past the little darlings. Do you think if it is hooked to my pc then it will be up to the job, with a reasonable pic, Im not expecting perfection. i can't afford perfection unfortunately.

  ACOLYTE 00:42 22 Mar 2006

Are you wanting a 24/7 monitoring system or just while you are at the PC?,you may find that a decent setup will cost as much as an immobiliser and good car alarm.Is there anything that stands out about your car that makes you think they would single it out?
I assume you have car insurance,so i wouldn't worry to much about it getting stolen thats why you pay the insurance company,+ fitting a good alarm and immobiliser could lower your premium.

  Gandalph 01:55 22 Mar 2006

Lift the bonnet, take off the two clips either side of the distributor and take out the rotor arm. Place the distributor cap back on to keep the damp out. At least doing that will stop them driving off in it.

  lamby1 11:42 22 Mar 2006

Thanks fellows, i am probably being a bit too paranoid, aren't i. Thanks for your advice, i will do both your suggestions, i can't go wrong then can i. thanks again guy's

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