iPod and Windows Problem.

  global-killer 18:48 09 Feb 2008

Hiya All.

As I often re-install windows on my computer, I notice a message comes up on the iPod after each install.

Its like the ipod has a counter in the software and will only allow 5 clean installs before the ipod shuts down.

I can only asume this is done to try and prevent the software being loaded onto dozens of computers.

Any one had this prob themselves and knows a solution to this.

Many thanks for any help.

  GBL 19:32 09 Feb 2008

I am confused, why are you continuously reinstalling Window on your computer? do you mean iTunes? then again why are you re-installing.

  Jake_027 22:03 09 Feb 2008

Any songs you buy have a limit of being on 5 computers. Since you keep reinstalling every time you put itunes back on it will think it is a new computer. It is a bit late now as you will not be able to transfer songs purchased from itunes again. Imported mp3s from CD's etc should be fine. for future reference to avoid using all yoursong activation, go into itunes, and on the store menu click deauthorize computer before doing a reinstall in future.

Hope this helps

  global-killer 12:55 10 Feb 2008

Thanks Jake you have solved the prob in one.

You don't happen to know if there is a firmware mod which gets rid of this activation issue for all time do you.

Anyway if not thanks alot again.

  Jake_027 15:24 10 Feb 2008

Only thing I can suggest is Burning your songs to a CD then reimporting them. A waste of CD's yes but when it reimports them they are free of protection (I have to do this to be able to use songs I buy on my phone). To change how files are imported open itunes and go to edit>preferences and click on the advanced tab. Within this click on the importing tab and choose the format you want to import in using the import using: drop down box. You'll have to delete duplicates manually but once its done you'll have files that you can move as many times as you want (and a pile of wasted CD's :o) )

  global-killer 20:46 10 Feb 2008

Thanks Jake for response.

Know all I need to know now, will close posting off.

Many thanks for your help.

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