iPod Touch question

  exdragon 13:52 15 Mar 2011

Hi - I'm going to buy a larger capacity Touch and will pass my original one over to my other half.

Will there be a problem with him registering it in his own name with iTunes, or with me keeping all my apps and purchases?

  bremner 14:05 15 Mar 2011

None at all.

Your apps and purchases are linked to your Apple ID. He will need to create one of his own if he wants to put his own apps and purchases on it.

  exdragon 19:49 15 Mar 2011

So do I a)sync the old one, b)restore it to factory settings, c)hand it over to the other half, d)plug in the new one, e)restore from backup so all my stuff (a technical term!) will appear as if by magic?

Sorry to be thick, but I can't face having to load everything again.


  ams4127 20:22 15 Mar 2011

Not sure about the ipod, but I'm thinking of going down the same route with my ipad and am thinking of using the system you just wrote.

I can't think of any reason why it won't work.

  exdragon 21:56 15 Mar 2011

Just read something on a forum which said not to restore a 2 gen backup to a 4 gen device as it would be buggy. Basically, they said if it did transfer, it did and if it didn't, then it didn't! Very helpful...

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