Ipod Shuffle OEM on Ebay what are they?

  Internetwhizzkid 07:37 19 Nov 2007

I have just been looking on ebay for an ipod shuffle, now what I seem to find is loads that say there are some oem versions. Now I know what oem is but what are these ipods. Are they replicas or just an ipod without the apple logo on the back etc


here is an example

click here

  Diodorus Siculus 08:13 19 Nov 2007

Judging by what the sale says, this is most likely a generic copy and the seller is muddying the waters by calling it OEM.

OEM Explained

OEM is short for "Original Equipment Manufacturer". It means one firm manufactures products and(or) accessories for another firm according to it's demands. This business model has been Operated several years internationally, and it is proved to be effective. Many international manufacturing companies also use this model, such as Dell, Intel and so on.

This is an OEM version player (Original Equipment Manufacturer), and is NOT compatible with I-Tunes, but is much simpler to use as all you do is drag and drop! it doesnt even require any software and can even act as a portable hard drive as it can store any file type!

So the OEM version is highly emulational, not original, and from the OEM factories.


Q:- Is the an Orginal Apple Ipod Shuffle?

A:- This is a OEM Apple Ipod Shuffle (exact same)which is easier to use and HALF of the retail price

Q:- Differences beween Apple iPod and Apple OEM iPod

A:- No difference at all. They are the EXACT same but without Apple logos and you can use MP3, WMA, WAV - iTunes not needed

  Janjuweed 12:01 01 Jan 2008

I have bought an IPod Shuffle OEM off the internet and whilst it is slightly cheaper (£15 off the RRP) the functionality is much reduced. You do not get the full capability provided by the Apple original such as being able to disable buttons, skip to the beginning of all songs on the Shuffle, and the light indicator which provides quite a powerful tool for users is not enabled so you cannot see things like errors on the Shuffle or when the power is running out. Apart from that, it plays songs well, looks good and is easy to operate via a PC.

  reed74 19:15 14 Jan 2008

I have also recently bought a Apple iPod OEM Version, and I have been having alot of trouble with it. I got it just before christmas and in that time the head phones have broke, and the playback is crackly. The most annoying part is I can't get it to sync or load up in iTunes with either my laptop (Vista) or my friends Mac. I can only open it as a storage device. The shocking part is that the product claims to be of total Apple Inc property etc with all the fancy wrapping, though when I phoned Apple to ask them to help, I could not locate the serial number, which apprently OEM versions don't have. What this is is a cheap knock off version that doesn't seem to do anything the instructions say it will!

OEMs dont have the 3 LED colour system (only red)
They don't sync in iTunes
No support on malfunctions

The bit that annoys me is I wouldn't have bought it if I knew this all before.

I am wondering though if yours has the serial number etc, mine seems to have a photocopied packaging!?!!!

  Crash 20:37 14 Jan 2008

Its probably a fake from china

  reed74 20:15 15 Jan 2008

well I think it is, its not to the apple standard, but everything is so convincing... easily done.
Mine looks totally identical to a real one!

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