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  Steve M 23:33 13 Jul 2004

Having failed to get rid of 'about:blank' as my Internet Browser Homepage even having downloaded (and purchased!!)'NoAdware'as advised by my freindly NTL Helpdesk, I decided to start over and reload Win XP PRO. I managed to eventually set up usb2 - couldn't find the cd but am still having problems setting up iTunes software and my (3 weeks old)iPod .. the software loads ok but when instructed to connect the iPod, I'm informed that there's a problem with the s'ware communicating with the iPod.Prior to the XP reload, all was well, I've removed and reloaded iTunes a few times with no difference

.. sorry if I'm waffling, my query is .. after removing the s/ware via control panel, if I then 'search' for iTunes, the results still show quite a list of iTune-related stuff .. are these 'vestiges' of the pre-XP reload ? that said, if I then 'select-all' and 'delete', I still cant get the s'ware to accept the iPod. Is the answer to format my HDD? if so, how is it done on a Win XP system.. I've done it before on older WIN machines but formatted via the DOS command .. I cant get that on my XP machine ...or can I ???? .. sorry for 'War & Peace'!!

  flick 23:59 13 Jul 2004

This doesn't really answer your specific questions, but, my son has an ipod which he hooks up to my perfectly functioning xp pro and at least 50% of the time he is told that there is a problem and he needs to reload the software - which he does and everything is fine until the next time.
So maybe the ipod problem is separate from your other one and wiping and reloading isn't the most efficient way to proceed.
Have you tried going back to a restore point when things were everything was working ok?

  flick 00:07 14 Jul 2004

Having just re-read your post I realise that you have already reinstalled windows and your i-tunes software is not working at all, so everything I just wrote was a complete waste of space. My only saving grace is that when you do get your system up and running again, don't be too alarmed if i-tunes occasionally requires you to reinstall it.
Hopefully someone else will help out with your more immediate problems.

  woodbexhill 00:14 14 Jul 2004

When I first got my iPod (mini) I also had issues with connection aswell, it would simply lock up my computer for a while, then suddenly transfer a huge bunch of songs in seconds and sometimes - yes - it would say that there was a problem connecting to the iPod.

I'm not totally sure on this one - but could it be to do with your USB2 port, is it definitely USB2? And also - does it have it's own power supply as this might be required to give it enough power to run the large amount of datathrough the cable as I've read somewhere (mayebe in the manual, can't remember).

  flick 00:22 14 Jul 2004

we run my son's ipod through firewire and still have the problem i mentioned earlier

  SimianBenzoate 03:46 14 Jul 2004

my ipod has been a pain in the ass as long as ive had it...a year or so now...most of the time musicmatch doesnt notice the ipods plugged in, the sync doesnt work i have to format the ipod and transfer everything on again, when i do that some albums are put on twice or even three times, others not at all, then i swotched to itunes and found that a shocking piece of software...in short, i wish i had bought a creative zen!

ok rant over time for constructive comment...

i have a spare pc which i have basically devoted to powering my ipod... i keep all my mp3s on it and music match and nothing else but xp and the ipod manager program...and this seems to work ok.
i think the ipod is just basically a picky bastard and conflicts with pretty much every program you put on your pc...
since i have had to sell my spare pc, all i have done is nicked the hard drive out of it and stuck it in my other pc...you just choose in the bios which hard drive you want to boot from... its a bit of a pain as you have to reboot to do anything with the ipod, but you can still access your mp3s from both copies of xp, and although its an ungainly method it works...so basically each drive has one copy of xp on it, one with all my games and apps on etc, the other with JUST ipod stuff. you may be able to do it with partitioning the one drive into 2, i'm not sure...

anyway sorry for the war and peace reply ;)

  Steve M 08:51 14 Jul 2004

Thanks for the responses so far .... did have a problem when 1st reloading XP in that I couldn't find my usb2 driver disc but have now loaded these so I'm assuming my usb2 card is working ok ..Device Manager certainly shows my usb2 root hub and an enhanced usb2 root hub ...is there another method to check if it's definately usb2??

Getting back to my original query re XP reloading .. does XP retain some programme info from a previous install?? .. I've found that sometimes (oh yes I've done this before) it won't run previously loaded s/ware such as Nero and Norton A/virus .. that's why I was asking about a 'complete' format of the HDD to make sure there's nothing left to affect a new install of XP ... could always get a new HDD I suppose, they're not too expensive

  SimianBenzoate 14:59 16 Jul 2004

i think if you just completly format your hard drive you shuld be ok as long as its a full format and not a "quick" format which doesnt erase any data just marks all the drive as free space...this may be why your getting some conflicts...and make sure you turn system restore off in XP just to make sure it doesnt try and keep some of itself on there somewhere...

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