iPod not syncing new music

  Mr DK 20:28 02 Jan 2011

Hi guys, could do with a bit of help please.

Have one of the newer classic ipods and it's been working fine really. Only had to restore once in the last 2/3 years.

But recently I added a couple of new songs to my iTunes library, plugged into the ipod and it said sync complete and I assumed the new songs were copied over. Unplugged it to the find the whole library on the ipod except the new songs. Tried a couple times but the new songs just would not go on the ipod. So I restored it and they did and I assumed all was fine until I went to put more new stuff and on and it just won't transfer it.

As I said, the existing library is still fine and on the ipod, it's the things I'm adding that won't copy.

Any ideas? Any advice? Thanks in advance!

PS - Only other thing I've done with the ipod is plug it into my xbox but that's never been a problem before. Never stopped me copying new music at my next sync and I sync regulary.

  Audio~~Chip 21:36 02 Jan 2011

to the most current version? maybe try this; back up your Music folder to memory stick then uninstall Itunes restart machine, download itunes from apple website, install etc and try it again.

I take it when connecting the Ipod to the machine it finds it ok?

  Mr DK 14:45 03 Jan 2011

Hi there. Thanks for the reply.

Did what you suggested and for the moment it seems to have worked.

I also changed the iPod settings - the options in the tabs to sync music, videos etc. It automatically does that but I just selected them to make sure I knew the ticked stuff was getting done. Never had this problem before though. Very odd. Thanks very much for the help. I'll post if any more problems.

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