iPod and iTunes on WinXP

  BurrWalnut 16:21 14 Aug 2005

Being completely ignorant of all things iPod I’d like some answers to, what I assume are, basic questions please. Here’s the story. My daughter has a iPod using iTunes on an XP computer. The hard disk crashed, I recovered all the important data but not the music. I bought a new HDD and reinstalled XP, she installed iTunes and ‘synchronised’ the iPod but it was wiped clean. Last week my 10 year granddaughter received an iPod as a present, plugged it in and it was given the same name as Mum’s. I've searched Google and a few forums but the vast majority of information is regarding the Mac. To bring me up-to-speed on the iPod I’d like to familiarise myself with its features so that I can help them out in the future as my son-in-law is next to useless.

1. Should the tracks have been ‘imported’ from the iPod when the software was reinstalled, if so how?

2. If tracks are deleted from the HD and the iPod synchronised are they removed from the iPod?

3. Where are the tracks stored, i.e. should the Library feature be used?

4. How can I change the iPod name?

Thank you in advance.

  jorf 16:58 14 Aug 2005

Go to the apple website click here and go to FAQ there is a lot of guidance and if you register(free) there is a forum for further help

  brambles 19:05 14 Aug 2005

The iPod synchronises to the computer - therefore if all the music was deleted from the hard disc it would have nothing to synchronise with.

The Library shows every tune you have uploaded into iTunes whether from your own music CD's or from the iTunes purchased download store.

Generally everything you have in iTunes is saved in My Documents / My Music

It's tricky but worth persevering.

If you create a User Account for your daughter and one for your grandaughter they will each have a My Music directory to upload into.

Hope some of this helps


  brambles 19:18 14 Aug 2005

Recommend you purchase a book from Waterstones/Borders/Amazon called 'The Rough Guide to iPods, iTunes & music online' by Peter Buckley & Duncan Clark cost £4.99


  BurrWalnut 19:55 14 Aug 2005

Thank you to everybody who has replied so far but a few questions remain.

I have been given the information by my daughter over the telephone so I don't even know what the application looks like, just what she has told me.

1. They have separate accounts so the tracks are stored in their own Docs & Settings but why the duplicate iPod name and how can it be changed?

2. Can the tracks on iPod 1 be 'imported' (for want of a better word) to the HD then on to iPod 2?

  rob321 20:06 14 Aug 2005

There is a technique for moving a music library on itunes to another PC by using the ipod as a HD and this is illustrated on the support pages on the Apple Website.

Basically you need to use your ipod as a HD and copy the itunes music library (normally located in my documents) to your ipod and then copy the library to another machine

  bremner 20:18 14 Aug 2005

1. When you first connect an iPod to iTunes if there has been an iPod already connected the default entry for the name of the new iPod is the old one - daft IMHO - but you have to change it.

2. Yes - The iPod is in effect just a Hard Drive. When connected in iTunes right click on the iPod icon and tick 'enable disk option'. Then look in My Computer at you will see it. Go to iPod Control>Music and from there you can copy off the music.

When you have finsihed - with the iPod still connected go back to iTunes and remove the 'Enable disk option' tick.

  bremner 20:19 14 Aug 2005

Sorry missed a bit..

When the iPod is shown in iTunes click once on the name and press F2 you can then rename the pod

  BurrWalnut 09:07 15 Aug 2005

Thank you to everyone who replied. I now have a better understanding of how it works and should be able to help out over the 'phone.

  ktruffles 11:21 29 Dec 2005

If you have completely lost all the music, you can try writing a very sad sob story to apple about losing all the music on your iopd-they may restore it for you. they did this for me after my 'helpful' boyfriend wiped my ipod and library clean before i had made a backup. apple recommend backing up ALL your music on disk because if he computer crashes-you lose it all!!

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