iPod to Itunes

  hallgreen 21:36 25 Jul 2007


My computer crashed and the iTunes data was not recoverable properly. I have all my iTunes including the playlists on my iPod but when I try to reload iTunes it has only taken the items I puchased from iTunes and not all the other tunes I have loaded from my CDs. I've searched the iTunes "help" but can't find anything. They seem to be making what should be a simple task very difficult. All I want to do is restore my iTunes to how it was and as I have "how it was" on the iPod I can't see why it's difficult.
Or perhaps my computer ignorance is the problem!


  anniel 11:41 26 Jul 2007

Look at this site:

click here

It gives details of sites where you can transfer music back from you iPod to your PC.

Once you get your music back on your PC, wherever you want to store it, then surely you can transfer it back to iTunes.

I am a new user of iPod and started off with iTunes, but did not like its limitations. I want to put music on my iPod and take it off when I want.

There is a programme called Sharepod which has the facilities you require , although I have never used it. It is free.

In the end, I bought a programme called Anapod Explorer, which I can use quite easily to manage my music.

You can "google" ..transferring music from iPod to PC which is what I did when I was fed up with iTunes.

Good luck, I do sympathise.

  john bunyan 14:17 26 Jul 2007

Hallgreen- as well as Anniels notes,I strongly suggest you back up your "my Music" folder, to DVD or a different drive every week or so. That way you won't lose bought iTunes if the worst happens and your hard drive crashes..

  hallgreen 16:50 26 Jul 2007

many thanks. I'm wondering if Apple actually do make it immpossibel to do without outside software. If so this seems pretty poor customer service!

  ^wave^ 17:25 26 Jul 2007

go to ilounge they have tutorials on this its a great site for ipod stuff

  mymate 17:49 26 Jul 2007

I use click here you can try it free for a while.
I cant seem to get on with iTunes and Xplay is so simple to use

  mymate 17:50 26 Jul 2007

I downloaded this a few years ago and had to do a repair on my computer as it wouldnt start up cause of this program,but maybe i was just unlucky .Its free

click here

  hallgreen 18:19 29 Jul 2007

Many thanks this is a great site. I have now managed to get my songs back on iTunes through the advice here and on iLounge.

  rsturbo 10:34 30 Jul 2007


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