iPod a a drive??

  ykzn 07:16 03 May 2009


Can I use my iPod Touch 8GB as a portable/removable disk/drive?

If possible, how can I configure it to use it like that?


  Monument 08:20 03 May 2009


When connected in iTunes one of the tabs has a check box for you to use it as an external drive.

  john bunyan 08:42 03 May 2009

Also in edit, preferences,devices - you can set the iPod not to auto synch. I always have this box ticked as I have two libraries for self and grandchildren.

  ykzn 02:46 04 May 2009

Um..which tab exactly? Because I cannot find it in any of the tabs.

And what about the "edit, preferences,devices - you can set the iPod not to auto synch" ? Is it a setting for using it as an external drive?

While it shows in iTunes, it does not show in "My Computer".

Please help me out with this.


  ambra4 04:15 04 May 2009

When connected to iTunes click “Setting Tab” at the bottom of page there is a box labeled

“Enable Disk Use” put a tick in the box

  john bunyan 12:23 04 May 2009

In addition to ambra4's posting, All I meant was - especially if you have more than one library (I have two, one for oldies and one for grandchildren) I like to set it up so that when you connect an iPod it does not automatically synch (I dont want to lose my Rolling Stones and gain their Eminem! So, in iTunes(latest) you left click "Edit" in i Tunes toolbar, then "Preferences" from drop down menu, then the "Devices tab.Ther is a box you can tick "Disable automatic synching of iPods and iPhones. Then you then press the OK button. When you connect the iPod you can then choose when to sync it, or only to synch certain playlists or movies. Or, use ambra4 suggestion to enable disc use.

  pchelper001 13:07 04 May 2009

To enable disk use in the iPod touch at the moment. I heard some rumours about there being an app in the app store, but at current, Apple don't allow it as a mass storage device. Sorry ykzn.

  john bunyan 13:43 04 May 2009

Sorry, I use iPod classics so assumed the same applied - sorry ykzn

  Fermat's Theorem 23:13 04 May 2009

an app called "Memory Stick" with my IPod Touch for a few months now, and I think it will do what you want. I have PowerPoint Shows, Spreadsheets, and Video files on it.

Just enter "memory stick" in the search bar in itunes. The app is published by SoftTalk.

Hope this helps :-)

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