iPod doesn't show up on My Computer or iTunes

  Leapmanster 19:05 21 Jul 2007

I restored my iPod Video, 5.5g, and it suddenly stopped showing up on itunes, but showed up on my computer. Then, I did soemthing (not sure what) and it showed up on itunes, allowing me to put all my stuff back onto it. However, iTunes froze before I could eject my iPod, so i went into My Computer, right clicked on my ipod and chose 'Remove safetly'. Now, it doesn't show up on My Computer or iTunes when I connect it to my PC, but it does charge. What should I do?

OS: Vista
iTunes: 7.2 (tried this in case it was 7.3 that was the problem)
Ipod: Video, 5.5

Best bet is to unistall ipod software and itunes and reinstall it all over but it might be a software update to the ipod which is causing the problem asI have had the same problem with my daughters ipod nano but I have no problem with my ipod photo 30gb

  Leapmanster 20:49 22 Jul 2007

how do I uninstall the ipod software? I know how to uninstall itunes, but i'm not sure about the ipod software. should i go into device manager>USB mass storage (my ipod is there, with a yellow exclamation mark next to it)>uninstall?

  Leapmanster 20:54 22 Jul 2007

don't worry, i uninstaleld the ipod software. how do i reinstall it now? I'm not certain if my ipod came with a disk, and if it did, i think it may have been just for itunes. is there a site where I can download the ipod software?

  Probabilitydrive 21:01 22 Jul 2007

extract from the apple web-site click here

".....To check just for iPod software updates, connect your iPod to your computer, launch iTunes, and choose the iPod in the Source pane. From the iPod Settings Summary tab that appears, if the Update button is available—black, not grey—then new iPod software is available. Just click the Update button and follow the directions..."

  Leapmanster 21:03 22 Jul 2007

My iPod doesn't appear in the source pain or My Computer at all...

  Probabilitydrive 21:12 22 Jul 2007

Ok. open itunes> connect your ipod> wait until itunes has finished recognising it> click on the left pane on your ipod> this will bring up a new window> click top tab 'summary' and there you'll find the 'update' link.

  Leapmanster 21:14 22 Jul 2007

can you read? MY IPOD DOES NOT APPEAR ON MY COMPUTER OR ITUNES. AT ALL. No matter how long i leave it. That's what I've just been saying..

  Leapmanster 21:17 22 Jul 2007

ok, ok, I got it working, just had to reset my ipod. and sorry for shouting, Probability drive..

  Probabilitydrive 21:21 22 Jul 2007

Apology accepted!

  2neat 06:18 23 Jul 2007


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