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  tonyx1302 16:30 22 Jun 2003

Many thanks Agent Smith,Ironman,Legolas etc for all your help on Addresses's. You've solved my problem... Next problem, our son wants to buy a iPod Digi Music player to transfer his medium sized cd collection on to. 1....Are they easy to understand and how easy and how long does it to take download music.(WE HAVEN'T GOT BROADBAND). 2, What model should we be buying. We are a family of complete novices to Pc and the Internet so any basic help and advice would once again be gratefully recevied

  Spider Mike 17:14 22 Jun 2003

I have one of the new Apple 30 Gigabyte iPpods. It is supplied with Music Match Jukebox version 7.5 for PC and Windows users and iTunes 4.0 for Mac users. Music Match works fine for converting all of your CD's into MP3 files and for transferring them from your PC over to your iPod.

The iPod connects to your PC via a Firewire cable and uses this to transfer the music files from the PC to the iPod. This is a very fast method of transfer (it takes around 15 seconds to transfer a whole music album worth of MP3 files from the PC to the iPod), but you will first need to ensure that your PC has a Firewire port/card installed.
Alternatively, you can use a USB2 cable, however, you will have to purchase this separately from Apple as it is not supplied with the iPod.

To answer your questions, 1, They are very user friendly and simple to use. 2, I assume your are talking about downloading music from the internet, therefore the amount of time it takes to download a song will depend upon what quality setting was used to when the song was converted into MP3 format. MP3's can be recorded at various quality settings known as bitrates. MusicMatch allows you to record MP3 files at bitrates from 8kbps to a maximum of 320kbs. 8 being very low quality but with a very small file size, to 320 being maximum quality but with larger file sizes.
It is not simple therefore to say how long it will take to download files from the internet. The average file size would be around 3 to 5 Megabytes for 1 song.

Which version should you buy, well, how much do you want to spend ? The smaller capacity 10 Gb macines are the cheapest. I have the 30 Gb machine and I have transferred over 200 CD's across to it so far (at a quality setting of 192 kbps) and I have over 20 Gb of space left.

Apple claims you can record 7500 songs onto the 30 Gb machine, but this will be with the quality set at 128 kbps.

I hope this helps a little. You could also look at this review click here or have a look at this iPod forum for advice click here


  tonyx1302 20:00 22 Jun 2003

Thanks Spider Mike.Very helpful info.Regarding the Firewire port/card. Can I install it myself( I am a complete novice) or should someone like PCWorld do it,or should I go for the USB2 cable. Does the cable just connect from the Pod to a USB port on my pc tower? My son is thinking of the 15GB machine and they only made by Apple? Once again ,thanks for any help you can give.

  Spider Mike 18:19 23 Jun 2003

The Firewire card should be pretty simple to install yourself, you do not need any special knowledge.

PCWorld are selling the cards at £29.99 click here

Have a look at click here as I am sure that they will have similar cards that are even cheaper. (The website was temporarily down when I tried to look)

If you are not afraid to take the back off your PC,look inside the PC, and you will see a row of long thin white sockets - these are your PCI slots. Some of these will have other cards installed into them.
If you have a vacant white slot, you have a spare PCI slot.

Fitting instructions come with the , but it is basically a case of pushing the firewire card into an empty PCI slot (firmly), replacing the case, and starting the PC. Windows will 'discover' the firewire card, and either install the drivers for it automatically, or prompt you to insert the supplied CD containing the drivers. You should however note that Firewire is only supported by Windows 98 second edition or later. Windows 98 or an earlier version of Windows does not support firewire. Windows XP is fine.

Firewire is definitely the way to go over USB as it is significantly faster for transferring files.

The 15Gb model should be more than big enough for your sons music collection, I am beginning to think I was a little extravagant going for the 30Gb model as it has swallowed all of my music collection with ease.

Hope this answers your questions.


  tonyx1302 20:19 23 Jun 2003

Spider Mike. Many thanks once again for you expertise. I am going to put you on my Xmas card list!!! As you instructions are so well laid out, I am going to install(try) the firewire myself. I am going to order the iPod direct from Apple as no one else has the 15Gb machine in stock and this machine comes with Firewire and docker plus some other goodies and their site states ten day delivery.Once again Mike,thanks for your help and time.I wouldn't have got this far without your help.I will get back to in about ten days time when I have ordered ,received and mastered the machine.My son will be very impressed with my IT knowledge (Courtesy of you!!!)

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